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History Tutor in the Dallas/Plano/Frisco Area Who Was Once A Film Student

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I'm a recent graduate of the University of North Texas. My degree was in Radio/TV/Film, but I spent 3 years working in the Learning Center as a History survey tutor and Supplemental Instruction Leader.

My lesson structure is based on the Bloom's theory of learning. 90% of learning should happen when a student is able to teach a subject to someone else. That's how I structured most of my tutoring lessons in school. My goal is never to fully teach someone a subject, but to supplement what they already know. That has, in my experience, help students more so than someone who just lectures to them.

As a teacher, I like to make sure that everyone is not only enjoying themselves, but also getting something from the lesson. I really want to make sure everyone is having a good time, but learning should still happening.


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About Kellie

I gave lessons for 3 years while I went to school.

I taught well over a hundred students - not all at once, but in total!

While I was working in Supplemental Instruction program, the program was designed to help students achieve anywhere from a half to a whole letter grade better than if they were to just study on their own. On average, I saw students make B's and A's on exams that they were sure they wouldn't be able to pass.



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