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Java Programming: From Rags to Riches, By an IIT Delhi Computer Scientist


I offer Programming courses to all age groups. I also take up separate assignment/project contracts.
Packed with facts, concepts, games, and assignments, my classes will teach the best of Java to you. Starting from Scratch, learn to build up complex Data Structures within weeks.
I believe that learning the most basic concepts hold the most importance. Understanding the algorithms first is more essential than jotting code down. Thus my classes will always start with insightful concepts and end with writing code, with active participation from the students.


I am a Computer Scientist from IIT Delhi. I have worked at the Stanford Research Institute, California as a Research Fellow in the field of Data Management/Provenance and Security. I also represented my institute at the City University, Hong Kong as an exchange student, with an Institute Rank of 2. I have worked on projects in C/C++, Java, Python, Ocaml, and also on independent software and game development projects.


Rate for online lessons : $16/h
Lessons offered by Aniket
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Java
  • All Levels

Aniket's resume

Academic Details:
B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from The Indian Institue of Technology, Delhi- ongoing

Scholastic Achievements:
• Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) Advanced: Ranked in top 0.2% among 1,60,000+ aspirants with AIR 397 (GE)
• Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana Scholar: Awarded by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
• Semester Exchange: Selected and ranked 2nd among 100+ candidates to represent IITD at CityU, Hong Kong

Research Experience:
• Stanford Research Institute (SRI), California: Modeling Distributed Provenance Integrity Commitments

- Developed a model to detect fraudulent alterations in records received from remote hosts in a distributed provenance system
- Mathematically modeled the tradeoffs between the precision of detecting integrity violations and the network overhead involved
- Used Quickstep and Graphviz in SPADE to store and query data collected from own system and from DARPA Engagement-5
- Worked with provenance in OPM and CDM models; Devised approaches for OPM graph minimization without affecting detection rate
- Used summary data structures such as Bloom Filters to serve as caches to the periodic commitments made by other remote hosts
Also received a Letter of Recommendation by Ashish Gehani, Principle Computer Scientist, SRI

• 3D Graph Data Structure | Prof. Subodh Kumar: Data Structures and Algorithms
(Oct, 2019 - Nov, 2019)
- Implemented a data structure to store meshes formed by triangles in space without importing any pre-defined data structure
- Added support for queries like counting connected components, returning closest components, maximum diameter using BFS, DFS
- Evaluated space-time tradeoffs and optimized the structure to answer queries on connected components and diameter in O(1) time
• Bignum Calculator Library in C | Prof. Kolin Paul: Design Practies in Computer Science
(Jan, 2020 - Feb, 2020)
- Developed a data structure for Bignum calculations in C which supports positive and negative decimals of any length
- Implemented division, square-root and exponent, along with other basic operations with precision upto 20 decimal places

• Toy Prolog Interpreter in Ocaml | Prof. Sanjiva Prasad: Programming Languages
(May, 2020 - June, 2020)
- Designed a symbolic interpreter of prolog in OCaml by implementing the concepts of unification and backtracking
- Used Ocamllex and OCamlyacc for the purpose of lexing and parsing the input files containing the facts and rules
- Implemented sigma algebras in OCaml along with the functions of substitution, composition and most general unifiers
• Efficient Project Manager | Prof. Subodh Kumar: Data Structures and Algorithms
(Sep, 2019 - Oct, 2019)
- Self-implemented efficient data structures like Tries, Max-Heap and RB-Tree to store Users, Projects and Jobs inputted by the user
- Executed jobs in priority order if sufficient budget is available, or waitlisted them; Algorithm to prevent starvation of low priority jobs

• Global Currency Exchanger | Prof. Anshul Kumar: Digital Logic and System Design
(Oct, 2019 - Nov, 2019)
- Designed and developed a currency exchange machine in VHDL which can interconvert amounts in ten different currencies
- Limited amount for each currency is stored in wallets; Owners can see, add to and use for a transaction any wallet amount anytime
- Used a four-digit seven-segment display to display all balances and transactions of upto 6 digit numbers using concept of rolling

• E-Commerce Platform | Prof. Subodh Kumar: Data Structures and Algorithms
(Sep, 2019 - Oct, 2019)
- Used multi-threading to allow sellers to pick items from a shared inventory and upload them to a shared catalogue
- Multiple buyers could buy items from the catalogue, in order of priority given to trusted sellers in case of common items

• Bank Discrete Event Simulator | Prof. Kolin Paul: Design Practices in Computer Science
(May, 2020 - June, 2020)
- Simulated a bank with multiple tellers and customer queues to observe average waiting and service times, and teller idle times
- Modelled the appropriate number of tellers required in a bank according to varying service times and customer incoming rate

Technical Skills:
• Languages: C|C++, Java, OCaml, Lex, Yacc, VHDL, MIPS(assembly language), Ocaml
• Others: HTML, CSS, Xilinx ISE, Autodesk Inventor, Vivado, LaTeX, Eclipse, Octave, SPADE

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