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Kennesaw State University graduate who is passionate about helping students become more successful!

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I approach each topic based on the student's needs. Whether it is to perfect a single skill or slowly grasp broad concepts, I find that using many colors, flash cards, and making each lesson fun and exciting helps students of all ages learn a little more at ease.


  • Vocabulary - English
  • ESL
  • Oral expression - English
  • +3

    Writing comprehension - English

    Listening comprehension - English

    Accent reduction - English


  • English


  • All Levels

About Madison

I am a Kennesaw State University graduate holding a bachelors degree in Integrative Studies. I studied abroad with the education department and helped students in Italy with the English language. I am also TEFL certified to teach English in nearly any country around the world. I love history, math, writing, and reading comprehension and have experience with tutoring each subject to elementary and middle school ages.



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    • 1hr free