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Learn professional English. Speak and write in a manner that will boost your professional career. This is an intense course that focusses on business English to boost your carrier.

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You will study the following:

••Advanced 1 (A1):
• GRAMMAR: Reduced time clauses
Clauses stating reasons and conditions; • VOCABULARY: Phrasal verbs related to energy and sleep
• GRAMMAR: Future perfect and future perfect continuous
Mixed conditionals; • VOCABULARY: Expressions ending with prepositions
• GRAMMAR: Verbs followed by gerunds
Noun clauses after be; • VOCABULARY: Personality collocations
• GRAMMAR: Defining and non-defining relative clauses
Order of modifiers • VOCABULARY: Features of cities
Connecting contrasting ideas;
• GRAMMAR: Infinitive and gerund phrases
Reported speech; • VOCABULARY: Terms to describe behavior
• GRAMMAR: Present perfect vs. simple past
Present perfect vs. present perfect continuous • VOCABULARY: News events
Adverbs with the simple past and past perfect;
• GRAMMAR: Reduced relative clauses
Non-defining relative clauses as sentence modifiers; • VOCABULARY: Qualities of creative people
• GRAMMAR: Present unreal conditional with unless, only if, and even if
Wishes and regrets; • VOCABULARY: Forming antonyms with prefixes Adjectives that describe ethics and attitudes
• GRAMMAR: Past modals and phrasal modals of obligation
Modals with multiple uses; • VOCABULARY: Collocations with problem
• GRAMMAR: Passive of present continuous, present perfect, future
Negative and tag questions for giving opinions; • VOCABULARY: Technology buzzwords
• GRAMMAR: Clauses and phrases showing contrast and exception
Past habitual with used to and would; • VOCABULARY: Expressions related to accepting or changing things

• GRAMMAR: Relative clauses and noun clauses
Simple and complex indirect questions; • VOCABULARY: Expressions with drive, get, and make
••Advanced 2 (A2):
• GRAMMAR: Indefinite and definite articles
-ing clauses; • VOCABULARY: Adjectives to discuss technologyrelated issues
• GRAMMAR: Review of verb patterns
Cleft sentences with what; • VOCABULARY: Adjectives to describe style
• GRAMMAR: Reporting clauses
Reporting clauses in the passive; • VOCABULARY: Expressions with luck
• GRAMMAR: Overview of passives Subject-verb agreement with quantifiers;
• VOCABULARY: Discourse markers
• GRAMMAR: Double comparatives
Will and would for habits and general truths; • VOCABULARY: Collocations to describe music
• GRAMMAR: Optional and required relative pronouns
As if, as though, as, the way, and like; • VOCABULARY: Prefixes to create antonyms
• GRAMMAR: Placement of direct and indirect objects
Verbs in the subjunctive; • VOCABULARY: Expressions to discuss shopping
• GRAMMAR: Whenever and wherever contrasted with when and where Noun clauses with whoever and whatever;
• VOCABULARY: Physical features of animals
• GRAMMAR: Sentence adverbs
Such . . . That and so . . . That; • VOCABULARY: Adjectives to describe movies
• GRAMMAR: Phrasal verbs
Gerund and infinitive constructions; • VOCABULARY: Adjectives and verbs to describe friendship
• GRAMMAR: Compound adjectives Superlative compound adjectives;
• VOCABULARY: Compound adjectives related to
• GRAMMAR: Subject-verb inversion in conditional sentences
Adverb clauses of condition; • VOCABULARY: Prepositions following work


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About Mark

 Dedicated executive leader/manager with 19+ years of progressive experience in Logistics aimed at quality improvement, cost reduction, and revenue growth with special expertise in petroleum logistics operations and management backed with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution and Logistics and a Minor in Business Administration. For example, managed operations of bulk petroleum storage, packaged hazmat distribution and managed helicopter hot refueling and offshore distribution for NATO in Germany, Denmark and Norway.
 Working knowledge of environmental safety and health regulations for residential neighborhoods, document control, product accountability, reporting, tracking, quality control, safety procedures, storage and distribution method, supply chain storage improvement, payroll and inventory management.
 Excels at training personnel and staff; delivered over 3000 hours of basic offshore platform safety training to more than 1000 expats from multiple countries in the last 5 years and over 6000 hours in total.
 Proficient at providing third party services to businesses and managing customer support; payroll; billing and government tributes; and the development of integrated systems.
 Proven experience in using multiple database platform and developing, implementing and supporting logistic databases with outstanding computer skills. For example, competent at Microsoft Access, Project, Excel, and Word; dBase, C++, Oracle SQL, PHP, MySQL, EDI XML coding, reports, and Visual Basic.
 Highly competitive team leader/player who consistently strives to positively contribute to overall team performance and the achievement of all stated corporate objectives to insure profitable job quoting & to meet deadlines with the ability to supervise professionals in accordance with company policies and procedures, and to act as an Incident Commander for terminal in emergency situations.
 Skilled at developing complex analysis and resolving complex logistical problems and multitasking while meeting time sensitive deadlines.
 Great communicator due to the experience gained through working as a trainer for many years coupled with the ability to communicate in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. For example, streamlined the communication processes to account for explosives and petroleum while reducing costs and improving quality.



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