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Brianna - Prof american sign language -


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Lessons ranging from basic omprehension to an advanced understanding of American sign language

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This is my first time giving full lessons although I have taught basic signs to people. My goal is to give you a foundation to better further your understanding of the art that is American sign language and how to use it properly.

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Taught from experiences dealing with deaf friends and family. Four years of high school classes. Depending on the level you take you will learn basic words and sentence structure as well as the techniques used to create sentences. Have fun and I hope to hear from you.

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$10 for entry, $15 for intermediate, and $20 for advanced classes.

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  • Sign Language instructor in Chicago area who learned growing up with deaf parents.



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  • I am a current high school senior taking American Sign Language 4. I would be more than happy to listen and adapt to any learning strategy requests if necessary. Thank you!


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    As a tutor, I will adjust to any learning requirements, whether it be speed, content, or any other strategy. I have gotten...

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  • I am hard of hearing and have been since birth and still use sign language as an adult. I would love to teach you.


    My one on one lessons are interactive and I also create custom lessons as well. I also tutor. My classes are for all ages...

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