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« In the time I have known Jodi, I do find her to be charismatic,... More »
« In the time I have known Jodi, I do find her to be charismatic, reliable, and positive. I find an interesting quality of Jodi's is her ability to listen and ask questions of whom she is speaking with. That demonstrates an attentiveness and interest in the conversation. Something I believe is lacking today. She will be an engaging instructor. »
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Let me help you succeed and even enjoy your Spanish class. I am a Spanish language professional. I offer top quality tutoring to help and support for your Spanish and English language classes.


Natural approach, communicative approach, Fluency over accuracy, safe, relaxed and personal to each student. I facilitate and provide a special space for receiving comprehensible input. I believe in grammar instruction for intermediate-high and advanced language learners but for the novice and intermediate-low, I employ a grammar-lite approach.


I am a professor of higher education. I have taught thousands of students and have tutored students of all ages in Spanish, English, writing and women/gender studies. Let's pull up your grade and help you understand class content. Have an exam in a week? Book an appointment. Have an exam tomorrow? Book an emergency session. Spanish/English/literature/writing/gender studies and more.


Rate for online lessons : $30/h



Emergency session = $45

Lessons offered by Jodi
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Academic tutoring
  • Homework help
  • Methodology
  • All Levels

Jodi's resume

Jodi A. Growitz Shearn
(concealed information)

(concealed information)

Ph.D. Spanish, early modern Spanish literature/applied linguistics, Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA, 2012
Dissertation: “Chivalry Though a Woman’s Pen: Beatriz Bernal and Her Cristalián
de España”
MS Spanish, University of New Hampshire (UNH), Durham, NH, 2000
BA Spanish/English, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA, 1997

2021-Drexel University Department of Global Studies
2018-Present: St. Joseph’s University, Adjunct Professor, Spanish
2019-Present: Translator, Jason’s Deli
2018 Tutor, high school cyber school, West Chester, PA
1993-Present Tutor/Second language learners-English and Spanish
2003-Present Interpreter, Private Contractor
2008-Present Translator/Transcriber, Private Contractor
2014 Fall Temple University, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Adjunct Assistant Professor
2003-2015 West Chester University, Department of Languages and Cultures
Adjunct Professor/ Spanish language and culture
Adjunct Professor/ Women and Gender Studies Program
2000-2003 UNH, Department of Spanish, & Portuguese
Lecturer of Spanish
2001-2003 Southern UNH, Lecturer of Spanish, summers

2009 "Gendering Action in Iberian Chivalric Romance," Medieval Feminist Forum: Vol. 45, Article 7, p. 85-109. Print.
2014 Beatriz Bernal’s Cristalián de España: A Study and Transcription. Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, 2014. Print.

Leonor de la Cueva y Silva and Angela de Azevedo, Two Plays by Women Dramatists of Spain's Golden Age. A Bilingual Edition, introd. Teresa Scott Soufas, ed. and trans. Jodi Growitz (forthcoming: 2015):
Investigating Invisible Texts: Deconstructing Authorship in the College Classroom (forthcoming)
Manual de empleado de Country Club Manor, 2014: White Manor Country Club Employee
Handbook, Spanish translation
Beatriz Bernal’s Cristalián de España (Book I): transcription and study
2010 “The Performance of Piety in the Iberian Chivalresque Romance”
13th Colloquium of the North American Catalan Society, Temple University, Philadelphia, May
2009 “The Development of the Female Go-between in Two Chivalresque Romances”
44th International Congress of Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University,
Kalamazoo, May
2008 “La voz subversiva de Ana Caro”1st Annual Conference on Spanish and Portuguese
Studies, Temple University, Philadelphia, October

Elementary Spanish I, II
Intermediate Spanish I, II
Review of Spanish
Composition and Conversation
Conversational Spanish for Career Advancement
Literature and Culture (Spanish instruction)
Hispanic Short Story
Survey of Hispanic Literature
Latin American Studies Semester/L.A.S.S (Immersion semester at Temple University)
Literature and Culture (English instruction)
Latinxs in the US
Women Warriors of Spain
Perspectives on Performance, Gender and Society in Spain’s Golden Age Comedia
Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (WOS 225)

2006-2008 Temple University, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
1997-2000 UNH, Department of Spanish & Portuguese


2011-present Honorary Alumni Member: Abbé Society of West Chester University
(The Abbé Society is an Honorary Women’s organization at
West Chester University that is founded on the basis of Friendship,
Leadership and Character)

2013-Clicker Training: Turning Technologies and WCU’s Digital Corner
2011-present: professional development and continuing education interests: Content building; virtual instruction methodologies; new approaches to creating safe environments in language classes, integration of E resources into LMS; hybrid and virtual modality trends; novice to intermediate advancement through native-speaker + L2 conversations; bilingual education--bilingual and bi-cultural proficiency as hard skills; resources and curriculum designed for a grammar-lite audience: speaking and listening;
2010 Organization Committee: 13th Colloquium of the NA Catalan Society, Temple University
2006-2008 Assistant Course Coordinator, Temple University
2000-2003 Coordinator of Teaching Assistants, UNH
2000-2003 Director/Founder: Spanish Club, UNH

Cyber school language program
Experience with ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines/OPI
Dedication/promotion of technology in and beyond the classroom
Target-language instruction
Web design
Learning management systems: D2L/Blackboard/Canvas/Learn/
Learn Integrations:
Voice Thread
Collaborate (Canvas/blackboard/Learn)
Student-Response Systems: Clickers/Poll Anywhere/Turning Point/Socrative/Google Forms/Zoom polling/discussion board integration/
E-book/ textbook and workbook
Online workspaces: Centro/Quia/Mylab/Wileyplus
Adaptive learning platforms: Connect/LearnSmart
Proficiency-focused teaching methods: Natural/Communicative Approach/TPR/virtual language Immersion
Flipped classroom practices
Voice/video/animation lectures
Online Assessment: Testing/Rubrics/surveys/ePortfolio/collaborations/groups/peer evaluation
Interactive curriculum development
Comprehension before Accuracy Assessment
Collaborative course building
Zoom and similar video conferencing platforms
Hybrid/virtual and face2face modalities
Student tutor models
L2 cultural immersion through native speaker + L2 interactions
Conversify and similar exchange platforms
Asynchronous and synchronous content/curriculum development: to propel students toward fluency, oral proficiency and speaking with confidence.

2017-Present Advocate and Volunteer, Friends Association, West Chester, PA
2017-2018 English language classes for Native Spanish Speakers, West Chester, PA
2015-2016 Roof Pro: Interpreter/cultural liaison
2012 White Manor Country Club: Volunteer interpreter/liaison
2011-present Alumni member: Abbé Society
2008-present Camp Out for Hunger: yearly food drive, (concealed information)
2007-2010 Co-founder/Encouragement TEAM Leader: Celebrate Recovery, Exton, PA
2003-2005 Boxes of Love (collection and distribution of Thanksgiving dinners) Chester
2003-2004 Chester County Planned Parenthood: Patient/Clinician interpreter, family
planning liaison

Native Language: English
Near Native Language: Spanish
Others: Catalan, Portuguese, French

Confidential letters of recommendation furnished upon request.

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4 recommendations


In the time I have known Jodi, I do find her to be charismatic, reliable, and positive. I find an interesting quality of Jodi's is her ability to listen and ask questions of whom she is speaking with. That demonstrates an attentiveness and interest in the conversation. Something I believe is lacking today. She will be an engaging instructor.


Jodi a d I used to work together. She has always been dependable and trustworthy. My 2 sons who are 11 and 8 absolutely adore Jodi!! They can't wait to see her again. The fact that she is bilingual is just one of her many perks. She has taught my sons respect and how to show gratitude.


I met Jodi while I was at West Chester University in the late 2000’s. To fulfill my culture cluster requirement I selected “Latinos in the US” and while I have little interest in that particular topic, I lucked out and secured Jodi’s class. Her passion and enthusiasm won over the students as we became interested and engaged in the class. Jodi is an incredible person and inspirational professor.


Jodi and I go back at least 20 years. She is one of my best friends. She is a gifted teacher and one of the smartest people that I know. I believe she would be a valuable asset to any student and would absolutely recommend her to any and all Superprof members!

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