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As a life long enthousiast since 1995, I can certify that Microsoft Excel has no secrets for me.


Mainly, through the webcam and use of the collaborative program like Skype or TeamViewer I can assure you progress and konwledge sharing to its maximum. Also, I you have a small or medium company and have routine reports requesting lots of time and clics, I can make those automatic through Macros edification.


Support Engineer as SAP through several countries from United States to France. I managed extracts from the web (usually in .csv) and created macros that runs in 4 minutes instead of 4 hours clics. Many coding have been done for accounting and Database related subject. SQL request through files can also be done.


Rate for online lessons : $40/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $150
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $350


Lessons are by a set of two hours. Under two hours will not be useful and over will be too much to learn, I will have to deliver aspirin with it.

Lessons offered by Patrick
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at his home
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Taught subjects
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College / University
  • Adult Education
  • MBA
  • Proficient
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Patrick's resume

US Citizenship & French Citizenship. Disability status.
Senior Consultant
Ariba - SAP
Originally from the procurement as an inventory control clerk, grew to the position level of Marketing Director in charge of the purchasing management. Worked 9 years for ARIBA and followed its acquisition by SAP since 2012. Ariba Consultant for implementations & migrations in Upstream & Downstream applications from 4.4 “Viking” to 9r1 “Jupiter”. Updated on each “BudFest” for large upgrades on OnDemand in sourcing to Contracts & P2P. Specialized in the Spend Management full process for the Saas (Software As A Service) Company Ariba and its link to the Ariba Network. Worked in the United States for large US accounts “US Navy”, “Microsoft” & “ExxonMobil” and transferred to Paris in 2009 to be responsible for the largest EMEA accounts “TOTAL SA’” & “AlstomPower”. Decided to start a Consulting Business in 2016 and trained the consultant to achieve a seamless transition for “AstraZeneca” and its 18 Realms. Transferred knowledge of the monthly KPI’s legal report Macro coded in 2013 for “AlstomPower” as a SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable, Realistic &Time-Bound) and own initiative project.

eProcurement & eSourcing knowledge and analysis, able to demonstrate in groups and train on the Ariba’s application. Technical & functional aspect covered from the deployment to implementation and managing a full migration project. Executive C-Level communication with the stakeholders. From templates to parameters the follow-up for the project from the kick off meeting to the “Go Live” can be handle. Unique knowledge of the API “Inspector” with access to Read-Only permitting a reverse engineering analysis of the tables. Reporting and its analysis through KPI’s and Microsoft Excel / Access Macros.
> Office Software: Visual Studio, Microsoft Access & Excel Macro.
> Programming: COBOL, C#, C++, JAVA, VBA, VB.net, PHP, JAVASCRIPT.
> Modeling: MERISE, UML (Unified Modeling Language).
> Information System: SMSI, SCM, CRM, ERP, CMMI, PMBOK, ITIL, CoBiT, ISO 27001.
• Purchasing Manager / Senior Buyer: Procurement position following the PO ordering to Invoice reconciliation process and management
• Marketing Director: Special event organisation and catalog set-up
• Functional & processes consultant: advice, documentation, process re-engineering, specifications, training
• Project management: planning, budget & resource management, estimations, risk & relationship management, advice, organization, procedures, coaching, transformation management
• Change Management: advice and guide businesses through change in processes, ways of working, ways of using tools; animate advisory and change boards
• Technical roles: advice, architecture, audits, design, development, technical lead, training, procedures
• Recruitment & selection, training and coaching: advice, procedures, selection, train & coach
• Audit Role: Check points and curve analysis as well as functional versus planned

2016 – Present: Consultant Director - [Paris, FRANCE].

2016 – 2016 : Consultant - [Paris, FRANCE].

2015 – 2016 : Expert Care Manager - [Paris, FRANCE].

2012 – 2015: Expert Care Manager – [Paris, FRANCE].

2011 – 2012: Student – [Paris, FRANCE].

2009 – 2011: Premium Support Customer Manager – [Paris, FRANCE].

2007 – 2009: Customer Support Specialist – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

2007 – 2007: Customer Support Specialist – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

2006 – 2007: Buyer & ACCESS Specialist – [Atlanta, G. U.S.A.].

2005 – 2006: Purchasing Manager – [Decatur, GA. U.S.A.].

2003 – 2005: Purchasing Manager – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

2002 – 2003: Marketing Director - [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

2001 – 2001: Inventory Control Clerk – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

1997 – 2001: Internet Consultant – [Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten, F.W.I. (French West Indies / D.W.I. (Dutch West Indies].

1995 – 1997: CEO – [Coulommiers, FRANCE].

1992 – 1995 : Manager – [Marne La Vallée, FRANCE].

1989 – 1991: Trainer / Inventory Control Clerk – [Orlando, FL. U.S.A.].
December 2016 – Present: Consultant Director at “SENEZConsulting” - [Paris, FRANCE].
Training and selection of consultants for the self-owned company. Entering all the aspects of the Spend Management Upstream & Downstream process.
• Marketing and long-term planning approach
• Training delivery on one shot basis.
• Advise on best practices and architecture; challenge, review and question
• Process design & prototyping
• Work out test scenario’s
• Integrate processes into business as usual
• Initial work concentration Web Site Integration & email set-up

Technologies: VBA Access & Excel, Apache, PHP, Xampp & HTML
August 2016 – December 2016: Consultant at “Boumrar Consulting” - [Paris, FRANCE].

In charge of the Data Mining and data base clean-up for a company under Sarbanes & Oxley (SOX Compliance) and entering the stock market. Creation and coding of Microsoft Excel/Access Macro to simplify organizational processes. Adjustments of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) & marketing strategy.
• Data Mining & BI analysis
• Provide Microsoft Excel & Access insight and expertise on architectural and functional levels
• Support VBA Macro implementations
• Represent Finance in all global and local projects having an impact and/or requiring input on or from Finance
• Merger and acquisition finance support
• Scrutinize projects and their execution for Finance impacts
• Work out viable solutions or workaround for project issues
• Support finance expert-level operational processes
• Assist finance users with SAP queries and issues
• Control and drive improvements to standard operating procedures (SOP) having finance impacts
• Participate in testing of solutions
• Document specific processes
• Drive data maintenance processes
• Advice on required activities and recommend solutions
• Supply analysis for SOX (Sarbanes & Oxley) compliance and transparency disclosure reports
• Implement methodology to analyze and categorize spend data on a large scale
• Analyze and scrutinize large volumes of financial data
• Implement methodology to prepare official publication reports
• Implement requirements for compliance & transparency disclosure reports

 Technologies : Microsoft Excel & Access VBA, SAP

October 2015 – August 2016: Expert Care Manager - SAP France SAS (Cloud department – ARIBA) - [Paris, FRANCE].
Final acquisition of the French entity “Ariba France SAS” and knowledge transfer to delocalize to Check Republic. Built the team from 2 individuals to 6 to respond to the demand in Upstream & Downstream for new customer and implementations. Coded all the program in VBA to speed-up and automatized KPI’s and its legal monthly report.
• Introduce staff to Reverse Engineering
• Supplier Enablement & Ariba Contents Strategy
• Organize & steer fully global 360° view on suppliers and spend
• Organize supplier and commodity data enrichment
• Provide continuous benchmarking
• Provide market index sourcing analysis options
• New single harmonized global instance SAP/Ariba on SAP HANA
• Accommodate visibility for Single European Business Entity (SBE) approach with buy/sell, central led and hierarchical procurement and sourcing
• Bridge business expectations with IT and project pace in parallel with impressive organizational changes while also going through a heavy expansion period
• Setup worldwide supplier enablement program to support full electronic exchange (E2E from sourcing until e-invoicing, …)
• Flight plan analysis
• Planning, follow up and escalation + change management
• Ariba Network integration

 Technologies: Procure-To-Pay, Ariba OnDemand, SAP HANA

December 2012 – October 2015: Expert Care Manager - ARIBA AN SAP Company – [Paris, FRANCE].

In charge of the largest ARIBA account “AstraZeneca” and its 18 Realms for Procure-To-Pay as Support Engineer. From NA, Mexico, Brazil, UK, China, etc.… and all the locations across the globe for this pharmaceutical company. Dealing and consulting on templates, following deliverables, catalog’s implementations.
Gave advice to the “iBuy” supporting group from “Infosys” based in UK and Asia. With access to Inspector the download of data could be done in a simple manner with better accuracy as the UI was not able to overcome more than 2000 lines.
• Educate resources on how to approach a global procurement/sourcing/contracts/invoice processing project
• Help to avoid project, organizational, procedural and architectural pitfalls
• RFQ preparation & coaching of resources thereto
• Assist with vendor evaluation
• Planning
• Guide business through acceptance of new and changed approaches
• Provide process design expertise; offer pragmatic and usage friendly solutions to process problems
• Create Business Value Case
• Provide input into rollout scenarios for 100+ countries in a 3 years’ timeframe

 Technologies: SAP SRM, Ariba Procure-To-Pay, Ariba OnDemand, xml, aql (Ariba Query Language), ABAP
 Methodology: UML

September 2011 – December 2012: Student during sabbatical year - University of Paris Descartes (FONGECIF for Ariba France SAS) - [Paris, FRANCE].

Decided to get external computer science training during a sabbatical year and rather than a Master in project preparation chose the university standard study of the basics of Information Technology. Acquired programming science and development assets very useful in the database understanding with relations to the Cloud.
• Cobol developer
• UML & Meurise Functional Analyst
• Architect & Developer for C/C++, VB.Net.
• Preparation and study for Support engineer and Cloud Architect developer

 Methodology: UML & Meurise
 Technologies : COBOL, C, C++, JAVA, VBA, VB.net, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS.

February 2009 – September 2011: Premium Support Customer Manager - ARIBA France SAS – [Paris, FRANCE].

A Max Attention position for the customers “TOTAL SA” Upstream migration preparation
& “ALSTOMPOWER” (Now “GE Power”) template and UI set-up for Hydro, Gas Power, Nuclear, Thermal & Steam. Sourcing to Contracts & SPM (Supplier Performance Management) procedures and trainings delivered via collaborative tools. TOTAL SA budget load for Procure-To-Pay and multiple ERP Code implementations as well as SSO set-up with certificate edification. The goal was to relay the engineering in Slovakia for functional customizations to the executive decision makers and escalate any issues with the technical engineer team in Bangalore for native regressions.
Total SA: Business consultant and functio-technical analyst
• Deliverables follow-up against SOW.
• Advanced Ariba customization & maintenance
o Implementation of urgent bug fixes.
o Solve performance problems post Ariba 8.2 upgrade.
o Implement commodity code conversion software.
o Implement user folder reorganization software.
o Review full code base and advice upon improvements.
o Formalize recommendations on conversion towards dynamic parameterization + implementation.
• Ariba 9 re-engineering upgrade feasibility study
o Investigate a new re-engineered usage of Ariba in combination with an upgrade to version 9r1 and the integration through migration process.
o Implementation of a proof of concept.
o Preparation of extensive demos.
• Advanced Ariba customization & development
• Faxserver integration
• Coordinate regional & global supplier enablement

AlstomPower: Business consultant, functional analyst, VBA architect and interim project manager
• Ariba eForms: Expense eForm, User Administration eForm, Transportation Logistics eForms, Supplier eForm, CostCenter Approval eForm
• Ariba & SAP Functional and technical analysis, customization, advice
o Technical analysis and design.
o Implementation of customizations.
o Setup test plans.
o Performance analysis and improvements.
o Functional and process designs.
o Manage the project from the technical implementation perspective during sabbatical of PM & coaching of developers
o Functional and technical analysis to setup a business intelligence (BI) environment for analysing spend data

 Methodology:
 Technologies: Ariba Buyer 4.4 & 9r1, Ariba Contract Compliance, Ariba Contract Workbench, Ariba eForms, Ariba Sourcing, Ariba P2P, Oracle, SAP. 
December 2007 – January 2009: Customer Support Specialist – ARIBA Inc – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

Transition period after Procuri acquisition by ARIBA. Introduction to the Ariba Contract Workbench and Ariba Contract Compliance. Sourcing adaptation and CRM changes from “Footprints” to “Siebel” (Oracle). Handling the largest customers as US Navy with 5 Realms, Air France & Microsoft.
• Manage implementation of Contract Management System
o Manage functional team and business relationships
o Manage implementation team
o Manage relationship with operations
o Manage relationship with system integrator
o Challenge functional and technical designs and technical implementation
• Manage implementation of Reporting and Analysis work stream within the program
o Manage functional team and business relationships
o Manage relationship with reporting system team
• Co-lead functional architecture for the entire program

 Technologies: Ariba Contract Workbench 9r1 (ACW) , Procuri TOTALSource & Procuri TOTALContracts

August 2007 – December 2007: Customer Support Specialist – Procuri Inc – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

Training period and UI interactive knowledge transfer to gather all the corners and aspects of the “.Net” application. Excellent results with the “WOW” and customer satisfaction.
• Training & methodology to analyze and categorize platform assets on a detailed scale

 Technologies : Procuri TOTALSource & Procuri TOTALContracts (.Net Application APS.Net)

June 2006 – July 2007: Buyer & ACCESS Specialist - Spectra Metal Sales – [Atlanta, G. U.S.A.].

In charge of the balance between weight and volume of metal coil and gutters for the shipping to 9 US States agencies. Created a VBA Macro to automatize the shipping and its weight versus volume against quantities level versus needs for purchase order.
• Macro & Access ordering, customization & maintenance
• Business consultant, project and change manager, commodity hierarchy reorganization lead
• SOX and BI implementation
• Business analyst & functional analyst and change manager-trainer
• country wide multi-site rollout
• ISO 9001 v2000 implementation project lead
• Design + feasibility and charge study
• Advanced customization and maintenance

 Methodology: ITIL (partially) & agile (scrum derivative)
 Technologies: VBA, cxml, html, apache, SQL

May 2005 – June 2006: Purchasing Manager – American Trends – [Decatur, GA. U.S.A.].

Purchaser & Functional Buyer for a company which provided pre-packed fundraising kits with most items purchased from China. Long term planning and logistics organisation up to 6 months in advance.
• Pre-ordering & ordering process
o Formalize recommendations for the sales staff.

 Technologies: EOE – (electronic ordering exchange).

July 2003 – March 2005: Purchasing Manager – European Imports Ltd – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

When the company “Classic Gourmet” was acquired by European Imports, I directed the transition between two different computer systems and the addition of 8000 items referenced. Organized and coordinated European Imports first culinary competition, “Southern Pastry Classic”. Re-routed container importation from Georgia to Illinois. Flew perishable products at high cost to import exclusive and luxury delicacy.
• Advice Senior Management Team on business change impact and help plan appropriate actions to accommodate the changes
• Planning and follow up
• Change and relationship management
• Supplier follow-up
• Analyze local business processes and relate to global designs
• Map existing processes to target local processes
• Redesign processes and propose improvements
• Manage local testing
• Organize local change management and training
• Steer local master data activities
• Fulfill local primary contact role for and towards the central team
• Process documentation

 Technologies: Advanced Customized & Tailored system

January 2002 – July 2003: Marketing Director - Classic Gourmet – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].

Quickly promoted to handle the purchasing and marketing departments. Created the new catalog and organized the show “Southern Pastry Classic”. As purchasing manager I was responsible for all container importation and domestic purchasing. I accessed an application in the system to advance inventory accuracy and sales reports that could permit the sales of the company.
• Advice the business on fresh ways of working and doing more with less
• Guide business through acceptance of new and changed approaches
• Setup a Core Process Design approach
• Provide process design expertise; offer pragmatic and usage friendly solutions to process problems
• Drive a return to standard functionality, avoiding complexity and excessive maintenance overhead
• Advice on outsourcing options
• Advice on Solution scenarios, including SAAS options
• Create Business Value Case
• Advice on RFP preparation
• Provide input into rollout scenarios for EMEA countries in a 4-5 years’ timeframe

 Technologies: DOS Based ordering system

February 2001 – December 2001: Inventory Control Clerk – Brasserie Le Coze in Lenox Mall – [Atlanta, GA. U.S.A.].
In charge of the procurement for the whole restaurant.
• Business process design
• Functional analysis and design
• Process and functional architectures
• Technical architecture, design and implementation
o Work out of the technico-functional architecture of several new ordering projects in a scalable environment.
o Write designs and implement requirements using a SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable & Time-Bound) architecture.

 Technologies: Standard ordering software

July 1997 – February 2001: Internet Consultant – Caraibes.Net – [Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten, F.W.I. (French West Indies / D.W.I. (Dutch West Indies].
Developed and marketed vacation destination web sites. Prospected and initiated majority of hotel sales contacts. Offered familiarization courses about the internet through door-to-door facility training. Supervised three sales staff.
• Business change management
• Regional planning & coordination
• Drive process and design harmonization and propose improvements
• Coach and follow up resources
• Bridge with central team
• Bridge with global procurement, global transactional finance, global compliance and global legal
• Change and relationship coordination
• Data privacy resolution

 Technologies: POS (Point Of Sales) Integration.
August 1995 – June 1997: CEO – Premium Import – [Coulommiers, FRANCE].
Cars importation Business between the United States and France. Handled every step from the auctions to the transportation logistics and the sales.
• Full Management & steering of a self-owned company driven with one of the first Microsoft Excel & Word Technologies.
February 1992 – July 1995: Manager – EuroDisney /DisneylandParis – [Marne La Vallée, FRANCE].
Demonstrated management skills and large project administration.
Assisted the pre-opening and grand opening; supervising the construction site from the blue print to the final operation; wrote standard procedures, training manuals and check-lists for the front of the house staff.
Managed a staff up to hundred and twenty employees, in high volume fast-food production, ranked as the third highest gross sales in Europe.
Assisted with the master and block schedules and a new computerized system in 1994.
POS (Point Of Sales) specialist during the change of inventory control system "Cyborg" to "Gold".
• Participated in staff recruitment for the pre-opening.
• Made training presentations at schools and diverse computer program training classes.
• Attended diverse training sessions and seminars on management skills development.
• Was quickly promoted from management trainee to senior assistant manager and then manager.
Cost control; personnel performance assessment. Monitored sanitation and safety standards. The pre-opening location became a training centre for the twenty-nine other locations. Oversaw performance against budget and assisted in making the necessary adjustments. Reduced the food cost to 23.2% and labour expenses to 26.65% in diverse fast-food facility, by cutting labour by 50% and stock by 30%.
• Coordinate, steer & coach up to 45 people from different horizontal and vertical project streams into a coherent Procurement solution
• Advice Senior Management on business process changes
• Transformation management
• Full budget & resource management
• Estimations & planning
• Reorganize entire development stream of the grand opening projects within Management
• Manage technical reimplementation of POS
• Coordinate integrations with ordering system
• Manage test cycles
• Manage technical quality and documentation requirements
• Manage relationship with functional and operations teams
Strategy consultant
• Human Resources information system advice and requirements docs
Inform and advice Management on the implementation of a new information system to manage human resources, including payroll, courses organization and career follow up. Help the Client to setup a vendor independent requirements document to be used for RFx.
• POS project & technical audit
o Project and technical audit after first implementation phase of the POS project.
o Analyse current situation and report.
o Made recommendations for the next phase.

 Technologies: POS (Point Of Sales).
November 1989 – May 1991: Trainer / Inventory Control Clerk – “Les Chefs de France” / EPCOT / Walt Disney World – [Orlando, FL. U.S.A.].
Eighteen months of training in the bakery and restaurants of the French Pavilion in preparation for a management position at the DisneylandParis. Beginning of the approach as Inventory Control Clerk and warehouse logistics.
• Recruitment campaign organization
o Define recruitment campaign strategy for restaurant personnel.
o Organized recruitment, scoring and selection.
• Integration study and design for uniform & standard Work description
o Study latest developments with suppliers regarding new online ordering services for Chefs ordering (food & beverage, etc).
o Design a new architecture that fits the current one as close as possible which allows to integrate these different interfaces in a uniform way, considering distributed transaction processing and technologies with different suppliers.

 Technologies: POS (Point Of Sales), Tailored DOS integration system.

MY Goal : Demonstrate complex ideas in a simple manner.
2012 University of Paris Descartes. Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Information Technology.
Programming and UML studies in a project manager perspective.
1989 DEUG (Diplôme D’Etudes Universitaire Générales) Bachelor degree in Culture & Communication – [Lille, Nord. FRANCE].
Studies of special events set-up and marketing preparation.
1987 Chamber of Commerce diploma in Advertising, Communication & Marketing - TERTIA 3000 – [Valenciennes, Nord. FRANCE].
Holistic approach of the international Business world.
1985 Baccalaureate series “D” – Math, Physics & Biology – [Solesmes, Nord. FRANCE].
2001 “A +” computer repair and Network + study at “ATG” Advanced Technology group - [Roswell road, Atlanta, U.S.A.].

English: fluently speaking, reading and writing (Dual citizenship French/American).
French: fluently speaking, reading and writing (Mother Tongue).
German: comprehensive notions; basic vocabulary, basic reading and writing (7 years of academic study).
FAA Pilot License in 1991 at Orlando (Florida, U.S.A) & French Pilot License (DGAC) in 1991. IFR studies in 2001.
Member of « Toast Masters » International.
Excellent references available upon request

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