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Lover of math and looking forward to helping you with your numbers!

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Mathematics is practical, and so I utilize a practical teaching method. How can it relate to daily life and things you do all the time?


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About Scott

18 years of professional sales and business development experience in the healthcare and commercial real estate industries. Dealing with numbers every day!



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  • College Student from Emory University tutoring for 3+ years, tutoring chemistry, biology, all ACT subjects, and certain math subjects.



    In the beginning, I really try to get to know the student and make them feel comfortable. I know some tutors can be...

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  • Undergrad almost 2 semester left of being a chemistry major and love math.



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  • Undergraduate mathematics major wanting to tutor elementary to high school aged students!


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  • Experienced Mathematics and Physics Instructor, Chicago, college experience and tutoring since 2013



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  • PhD and Math educator with 20 years experience with credo gifted level math for all



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  • Unique tutor in Math (Including Geometry), Middle/Elementary Science, Astronomy, Introductory French, et al.


    Mount Prospect

    I excel in one-on-one interaction, tailoring learning and structure to the individual and creating often unique ways to...

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  • Math Tutor with experience of working with students ages 6-15 in a work environment



    My teaching method is to make the student feel that they CAN do math! Anyone can do math and I always try to help the...

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  • Statistics student at UIUC offering math lessons near Buffalo Grove for all types of maths up to Calculus 3!


    Buffalo Grove

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  • International & Bilingual Teacher With 10 Years of Experience Tutoring Grades K-12


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  • High School Student offering pre-k - 8th grade math at home in North and Northwest suburbs of Chicago


    Highland Park

    I approach each topic with a growth mindset. If the student does not understand how something is done, we will not move on...

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  • Meteorological genius teacher who is world recordholder for tornadoes who can get a 35 on act.


    Lake Forest

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  • Computer science major with lots of math experience. Have been tutoring since high school.



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  • Math Tutor with 10+ years of experience tutoring math to all ages



    It depends on the students and the content being taught. But I always make my lessons engaging and fun for the students. I...

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  • Be my the second young student admitted to the school of genius


    Lake Bluff

    I require students to self-educate. In class, I test their knowledge and we solve selected by me assignments. I was always...

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  • Skilled and Enthusiastic Physics & Math Tutor in Edgewater — American Association of Physics Teachers



    I'm Alexis! I'm a science and math educator excited about working with you to find the best way to gain mastery of science...

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  • Enthusiastic Elementary (1st-6th grade) teacher that loves to teach mathematics, especially Algebra, but also has an endorsement in ESL. Compensation/rate negotiable.



    A typical lesson plan I create is based on: What is the topic of the lesson? What do I want students to learn? What do I...

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  • I am a Biology Major planning to go to Med School next year. I enjoy teaching Math, Science, and Chemistry from K-12th Grade.



    I usually go over what the student needs in terms of learning. I usually create a lesson plan based on the needs of the...

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  • Pre-med student offers at home geometry & algebra lessons in Chicago, IL



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  • College graduate with a degree in mathematics and experience tutoring college level students. Open to all levels of students!



    I teach for deep understanding rather than for superficial completion; students should come away with tools that they can...

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  • Senior Chemical Engineer looking to tutor at any level for chemistry, math, engineering, and physics



    In my final semester of Chemical Engineering @ UIC, 3.2 Major GPA, Looking to help students of any level with science and...

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