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Master's Degree recipient provides academic support, tutoring and planning in Greensboro and surrounding areas - ONLINE option available.

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About me: Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology, extensive experience teaching and tutoring (including learning strategies, test-taking techniques, and memorization skills).

I provide the experience and advantages necessary to distinguish students academically at the junior-high, high school, collegiate, and adult-learner levels of education.


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About Todd

I've provided individualized support to numerous students across various academic levels and ages, while employed professionally, tutoring at the collegiate level.

I've also taught classes and developed lesson plans, provided guidance and career counseling, and successfully prepared college students for future experiences at the university level.



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  • $30/h

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  • Hi I have been tutoring every subject at every age group and enjoy helping my students achieve their goals. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you!


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  • Authentic High School-to-College Transitions with your very own private professor, Chad Day, PhD



    In all of my sessions, I use a semi-Socratic approach. (I learned years ago, as a TA during my MA and PhD programs, that...

    • $30/h
    • 1hr free