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Master's Degree student in Towson offering lessons in grammar, literature, and writing; Special Education students are encouraged to participate. Students from surrounding areas of Lutherville, Timon

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Hello, I am currently combining my passion for teaching, my world experiences, my undergraduate degree in English and my training in Special Education to bring to you, my student, the best possible experience in grammar, literature, or writing. If you need a vocabulary boost, or a grammar review, I'm here to help. My lessons are warm and friendly as well as highly structured beginning with a warm up (Do Now), the content of the lesson...writing, grammar, or literature, and lots of practice. I look forward to working with you!

p.s.- I hope to be using a webcam and headset very soon!


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About Hollis

Wow, I am new to Superprof but I am not new to teaching. One way or another I am usually in a classroom every day. I work at a school and I take graduate classes on line and I am close to earning my Master's Degree. My class sizes vary, sometimes 8 students, sometimes 24, sometimes I even function as a one-on-one. My experience in the classroom ranges from elementary to high school and I frequently use my Special Education training to help students with ADHD, emotional disabilities, or Autism. In addition, I may also draw on my experience from volunteering at a school that was a residential juvenile offender facility. As a matter of fact, from the facility came a reward for my efforts. Actually it was a team effort. One of the young men in the facility struggled with reading and when asked if he would like to go to college he informed us that he wanted to be a garbage man. The young man graduated from the facility with a scholarship to a local college!



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