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Mindful Yoga Teacher - lessons in connecting to body, mind & spirit in the Bay area

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About the lesson

200 Hour Training, Graduate - Core Power Yoga, Berkeley, CA
200 Hour Training, Graduate - Akasha Yoga, Davis, CA
Yin Certification – Yin Workshop, Akasha Yoga, Davis, CA
Teaching at 5 studios & accumulated over 2,000 teaching hours
Accredited Interscholastic High School Varsity Basketball Coach, Tahoe City, CA

Teaching is customized to each student with the goal of helping each student learning where they hold tension, learning how to let go of that tension, how to decompress, & most importantly, how to HOLD on the people & things important in their life & how to LET go of the things that are toxic & holding them back.


  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Massage


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About William

I started practicing Yoga in 1994 to help address injury & stress. I have taught over 2,000 hours & this teaching ranges from class sizes of 50 students to just 1.
My classes are based on the class level I am teaching, not on the class name. I never go into a class with a script like many instructors do, classes are executed toward the experience level of the student. Some feed back I have received from my classes are they love the hands on adjustments I give, especially when I'm teaching a Yin class. Students have said my voice is soothing & the flow of the class is smart & fluid. One of my students, Elsie, had a stroke 6 months before starting my class. She was helped in by her husband & an assistant, they would help her get to the floor & help her back up & be there for support. After 2 months of taking my restorative class, she was helping herself to the floor & helping herself stand, she needed no assistance at all. This is what Yoga can do for people if they listen to their body & continue to practice regularly & don't give up, it's life changing.
In addition to Yoga, I am also a climbing instructor, teaching for 24 years with the goal of helping those interested in facing their fear of heights & also those who simply want to climb in some of the prettiest places in the world.



  • 5h: $250
  • 10h: $450


  • $75/h


My classes are designed for all people, of all races & all income levels. This means I am willing to work with most people provided they are committed to wanting to be a better person.

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