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Bonjour! I am a Native French Speaker and Medical Interpreter from Houston.


I believe that each student is unique and has their own learning technique. During our first session, I usually try to analyze the student and observe what learning method would suits them best.
I would run them through a quick assessment by asking questions such as: " I try to remember information through visualizing, hearing, reciting it in my mind, writing it down,..?"

In summary, the first session will be all dedicated to get to know in depth the student so I can come up with an optimize approach and learning style.


I am currently a French and Vietnamese medical interpreter but also a health and fitness advocate sponsored by Quest Nutrition. I have taught students, either one-on-one or in a group setting of all age, since 2015 including these following subjects: French, Science, Math, English Composition, Fitness, Nutrition and exercise therapy.


Transportation Fee : $10
Rate for online lessons : $30/h
Lessons offered by Mei Lynn
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Taught subjects
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Eating well
  • Meditation
  • All Levels

Mei Lynn's resume

- E D U C A T I O N
Exercise Science, BS. YEAR OF 2017.


(July 2015 – Current) – Fluent Language Solutions&Master Word,
Houston TX.
- Managed a caseload of different patients seeking and receiving care
while working in a dynamic high stress environment.
- Maintained involvement in the inner workings of the medical center,
including but not limited to, hospitals and clinics.
- Followed ethical codes to protect confidentiality of patient medical
- Translated documents about treatment directions and helped non-
English speaking patients fill out medical forms.
- Served as medical interpreter for patients and staff clinical encounters
by delivering accurate, skilled interpretations to facilitate effective
- Interpreted services to families during process of scheduling initial visit and coordination of ongoing treatment.
- Explained hospital policies and procedures to provide assistance to patients with limited English proficiency.
- Verified understood medical information for patients by simplifying any jargon.
- Equipped healthcare providers with cultural information to promote appropriate provision of health services.
- Provided translations and interpretations for clients during assigned events, successfully maintaining pace with native speakers to deliver real-time comprehension.
- Supported student education by accompanying non-English speakers to classes, study and test sessions and assemblies to translate instruction, conversation and documents.
- Maintained message content, tone and emotion as closely as possible.
- Replicated flow, style, and overall meaning of original texts/
- Converted written materials from one language to another such as books, publications, web pages from French/Vietnamese to English and vice versa.

(April 2017 – November 2019) – Flex Level Fitness, Houston TX.
- Recommended nutrition and fitness modifications to improve overall health of clients.
- Engaged members in training services, supplements and technology
- Interpreted health data and recorded clients’ health status.
- Supported implementation of patient health plan, including nutritional wellness, weight loss programs and personalized fitness program.
- Maintained records of clients’ health progress and compared to health goals.
- Provided comprehensive, empowering and professional individualized coaching programs so members remain motivated to attain personal health and fitness goals.
- Assisted clients in finding new ways to inspire healthier habits.
- Conducted initial client assessment and analysis, prepared patient charts and performed pre-admissions processing.
- Continually improved knowledge, skills and performance based on feedback and self-identified professional developmental needs.
- Gave public talks on importance of health education and specific disease prevention and treatment strategies, while referring clients to medical professionals upon need.
- Assessed clients’ nutritional and health statuses to prescribe appropriate eating and exercise plans.
- Educated clients about therapeutic exercises, nutrition, ingredients selection, food prep and meal planning.
- Educated clients about long-term health benefits of balanced diets and exercise prescription.

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