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Per - Prof academic english - Kings County


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I offer excellent essays, papers and assignments. i do skype or google hangouts with my students. i did a major in Msc. Mechanical Engineering with a minor in english literature. my prices are flexibl

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i have taught for five years now. my work has taken me all around the world to Asia, Africa and even Europe. i have taught close to 500 students up to date with all of them reporting improved grades and even honors at the end of their courses.

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I am Cathy, i give lessons to students of all levels kindergartners, high school and even university level. i like the practical approach to teaching as it improves the learning experience as well as memory. i am calm and do extremely well under pressure or on short notices. my hours are flexible and so are my rates. try me out for guaranteed improvement on your grades

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  • Trial lawyer practicing criminal defense in NYC. Happy to tutor in English/writing, oral advocacy/argument, test prep including LSAT, and for something completely different - flute!


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