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« Perfect! Tyler helped me alot with my voice and singing, he puts alot of... More »
« Perfect! Tyler helped me alot with my voice and singing, he puts alot of energy and passion! I was always shy with my voice and wasn’t sure if it’s my authentic voice but he clarified it for me perfectly with techniques and practices, definitely recommend him! »
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One... SINGular sensation! Contemporary & Classical Singing Lessons. Also offering Skills in Musicianship, including Composition, Theory, & Piano (MA Musical Theatre)


Free up your voice through grounding, breath control, and posture. Develop solid technique for healthy vocal production, and learn how to sing your favourite songs. Fine tuning, ear training, vowels, but most of all remember... FUN is mandatory!

(I use elements of Estill technique, and the Laryngeal Conditioning System, which I studied in the UK.)


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualifications verified and response guaranteed. Tylor will plan your first lesson with care.


I am a Toronto-based singer, actor, and songwriter with a variety of experiences across Canada and the UK, where I earned my Master of Arts in Musical Theatre(Guildford School of Acting). My in-depth studies of the pop/rock, jazz, and classical genres have led me to a belief... Every sound you make is not only usable, but also beautiful. Embrace your voice! It is my job to help you do this, and to guide you to producing sounds that you can truly be proud of.

For the children & young adults who love to bust out their favourite tunes for loved ones, & for the emerging professionals who are searching for fine-tuning and confidence, I’m here for you! This is what inspires me to help you reach your goals and shine as a singer. I welcome you to my private studio(COVID regulations in place), or to a virtual meeting, where we can learn some music, make some noise, and most importantly, have fun!


Transportation Fee : $15
Rate for online lessons : $31/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $136
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $252


24 Hour Cancellation Policy: or Student will still be charged.
$15 Travel Fee applies for TTC reachable destinations less than 40 minutes from downtown Toronto.

Lessons offered by Tylor
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
Taught subjects
  • Singing
  • Vocal coach
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Proficient
  • For children

Tylor's resume

dip. Theatre Arts -MacEwan University, dip. Triple Threat Performance -Randolph College - MA Musical Theatre - Guildford School of Acting, Guildford, UK

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Perfect! Tyler helped me alot with my voice and singing, he puts alot of energy and passion! I was always shy with my voice and wasn’t sure if it’s my authentic voice but he clarified it for me perfectly with techniques and practices, definitely recommend him!


Perfect! Amazing tutor! Love my lessons with Tylor, he's fun and easy-going and understands what I need from my lessons the most, and helps me improve on areas that I want to target! Would definitely recommend Tylor to anyone who's looking to improve their singing :)


Perfect! Tylor is the best singing instructor you will find. As a person who has never sung in public before, in just our first consultation, he was able to make me feel comfortable enough to not only sing but already start feeling confident in using my voice. He is a true professional and well-educated in music theory, but more importantly, he is a kind, friendly and patient teacher who will definitely make you a better singer, no matter your experience (or lack of). You will not regret taking lessons with Tylor :)


Perfect! Tylor is a lot of fun, and I've already noticed some improvements in my technique in just two lessons!


Perfect! Tyler focused on what I wanted and adjusted the lessons accordingly as well as to what I was able to handle. If I was having trouble, he'd stop and work on it. He made the lessons simple but challenging. He's very patient and friendly for sure, so each lesson was positive and fun to arrive to and attend


Perfect! Tylor is a great teacher he takes you step by step through the process, he also had a great personality and is very likable. After having only 2 classes with him my singing already improved and i learned so much. I highly recommend him to any level of singer. :)

Tylor's response

Tara is a great student. I love seeing her come out of her shell and discover her voice, and am thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey. I think she will be pleasantly surprised to hear the Voice that’s hiding under those nerves.


Perfect! Tylor is an amazing vocal teacher! He knows how to personalize the training according to individual's needs, and gives detailed instructions on healthy vocal productions in the long-term. I really enjoy learning from such an energetic and responsible teacher, as well as the time playing with Tylor's orange cat Cheddar before leaving :D

Tylor's response

Wei showed potential right from the start. He is hard working, and eager to learn. Though he is ambitious in wanting to reach very high caliber singing, he is realistic and patient. I look forward to continuing lessons with him!

4 recommendations


Tylor is one of the kindest souls I know. He is patient and brimming with talent. Music is his passion, and it shows, I highly recommend him to help you grow as a musical artist!
I guarantee you will have fun learning from him while your at it!


My name is Pablosky Rosales , I am a Musician and film composer ;I’ve known Tylor since 2017 and I had the pleasure to collaborate with him in a few of my projects , for which I was in the need of a solid lyricist with great vocal abilities and I was deeply impressed by his talent. Later I learned that he is much more than an excellent writer as he is a classically trainer singer who majored in musical theatre . I had also the pleasure to watch a short movie he co-wrote and directed besides playing one of the leading roles which made a pleasant impression on me as he demonstrated his tremendous versatility as an artist . Last but not least , I listened to his most recent voice acting demo reel in which he exhibits not only great acting skills but also a high level of command of histrionics .
Talent apart , Tylor is a beautiful human being , friendly , good listener , and with a gift to communication which makes him in my regard a great educator / communicator.


Tylor is going to get you from point A to point B on your journey in singing and musical theatre!
He is dedicated and hard working.
A very good communicator and patient with his students. Attentive and kind.


Tylor is such a patient and inspiring individual! He has a strong work ethic and loves to motivate those around him. I have learned a lot from him and I believe he is an amazing teacher. I would definitely recommend lessons with him, you won’t be disappointed!

Interview with Tylor

QUESTION 01 | 05
1. When and why did you develop an interest in your chosen field?
Tylor — When I was a small child, I would entertain my family by pretending I was an opera singer. I was lucky enough to have family and friends to support me, as I was put into choirs and classical voice lessons shortly thereafter.
QUESTION 02 | 05
2. What makes you passionate about your subject?
Tylor — We have been singing since the dawn of civilization. Like many of the arts, it has the power to heal and to express things that words simply cannot. If I can help people to believe that they can express themselves freely, I will be so happy.
QUESTION 03 | 05
3. What do you like about tutoring? What makes you a "Superprof"?
Tylor — I’m inspired by those students who are able to come out of their shells and to discover that they have capabilities beyond even their own expectations. A breakthrough isn’t just the sudden feeling of “I hit that note for the first time”(though that is great!); it can also be something to do with confidence, expression, or style.
QUESTION 04 | 05
4. Do you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?
Tylor — Many! We all need those role models. Where would I be without them?! My elementary school music teacher, Mrs. Snortland, followed my class into middle school, and I was just so happy that she did! She is the first person to insist that my calling is in music, even very vocally to my parents.
QUESTION 05 | 05
5. What are your keys to success?
Tylor — Relaxation is key. Our lessons are a space of no judgment. We will make strange noises and mess up endlessly, because that is how we as humans learn.

I keep forward momentum by adhering to a “teaching triangle” model. I first assess the condition being presented to me, then consider the cause of that condition, and consult the student on how we can improve or tweak the condition.

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