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Lessons offered by Linghua
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Taught subjects
  • Chinese
  • Vocabulary - Chinese
  • Oral expression - Chinese
  • Listening comprehension - Chinese
  • Writing comprehension - Chinese
  • Writing expression - Chinese
  • All Levels

Online Chinese Language Teacher Oral Listening Reading Writing Literature Beginning Intermediate Advance


I can teach all levels of Chinese classes. My teaching philosophy is: raise your curiosity, take responsibility and insist on diversity. I think a curiosity-raising teaching style implies a respectful attitude. I don’t push something into your mind but reveal an entrance where you are glad to take an adventure.


My undergraduate major is Chinese Language Literature and Education. I had been a teacher in China for 15 years. Now I am a online Chinese language teacher of three language education organization, such as Koo Chinese, Foreign Language for Youth and New Height Education Group.inc.


Transportation Fee : $5
Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $4
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $10


$18 for beginner
$20 for intermediate class
$22 for advance class
add $5 per 30minutes drive to the student's hause

Lessons offered by Linghua
The lessons will be held
at her home
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Taught subjects
  • Chinese
  • Vocabulary - Chinese
  • Oral expression - Chinese
  • Listening comprehension - Chinese
  • Writing comprehension - Chinese
  • Writing expression - Chinese
  • All Levels

Linghua's resume


2020.9-10 Online classes: Purdue University: Understanding Diversity and Inclusion;
2020.3-6 Online classes: Graphic Design from Basic to Advance, (concealed information)
2005 Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication Studies, Jinan University, China
2005 Summer Teacher qualification training from Guangdong Province Education Department.
1994 Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature Education, Jiangxi Normal University, China


Teaching Experience

2020.11 Online Teacher of Advanced Chinese Reading and Writing Class (Once a week Part time job): Duties include developing the syllabus and making class plan, handouts for this class, choosing reading material and using Google Classroom to share them to the students and giving classes online through Zoom once a week. Koo Chinese Academy, NJ.

2020. 9 Online Chinese Teacher (Volunteer): Duties include making the class plan for Chinese Language Class for Beginners II, making pre-recorded videos as an advertisement, and teaching Chinese classes online for students age range from middle school students to adults. The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. These are the link of my teaching videos. (concealed information)
(concealed information)

2020.9 Chinese Teacher Assistant: Make Chinese teaching videos for beginners as teaching aids (Volunteer), Foreign Language for Youth in Washington State.

2(concealed information)1 International Visiting Scholar: School of Media and Journalism,
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Study the interaction between
communication effect of social media and cultural psychology.

2005.07- 2019.12 Lecturer, Associate Professor: Department of Media, School of Arts, SCAU, China
➢ Courses Taught: Academic Writing, Creativity and Communication, Audio-Visual Language, History of Journalism, Introduction to Radio and TV Broadcasting, TV News Program, News Gathering & Editing.
Journalism Experience

20(concealed information) Journalist: Jiangxi Province Ganzhou City Zhanggong District TV News Center, China

1995.07-2002.01 Journalist, Editor, Director of News Department, Director of Editor Office:
Ganzhou City People’s Radio Broadcast Station, Jiangxi Province, China

1994.07-1995.06 Journalist, Editor: Huizhou Business Newspaper, Huizhou City Administration
for Industry and Commerce, Guangdong Province, China

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