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Person with Master's gives math support to youngsters in local community

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I have worked with children for over 30 years in all capacities--from teaching preschool to tutoring high schoolers for SAT's. I have worked with special needs children to aid them to be their best. For a number of years I drove school bus and sub in the local schools covering all grades K- 8. In talking with children I get an understanding of how their mind works to get to an answer. I only work with children (tutoring) for an hour at a time otherwise their mind becomes waterlogged and they will not be able to absorb any more educational needs. I am soft spoken yet hold strong to helping children with their difficult subject asking questions throughout the lesson to make sure they understand the correct process being used. I reteach lessons from previous meetings to make sure the student has the understanding of the process or skill before moving on. I am well respected in our community as a helper learning for children.


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About Geraldine

I have been working with children over 30 years. My first students were tutoring underclassmen in high school in math. From this point on I was hooked on helping students achieve their potential of educational skills so they can move on to the next level of their education. Over the years I have taught hundreds of children because I had a learning center for 20 years. I have had several students from my learning center enter public school and attain all A's. I have had older students who have gained high scores in their studies. SAT tutoring students have scored over 1300 and received 4 year scholarship to college of their choice. I have had an elementary student climb 4 math years while being tutored over the summer. All good things have come to students who seek me out for help.



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