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PhD and nationally-published writer teaching GCSE and above, based in London

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Alexis is one of the best tutors in Academic English. They have a high-quality profile, verified qualifications, a quick response time, and great reviews from students!

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I approach each topic according to the immediate and long-range needs of the student, whether they require help in comprehending their topic, in preparing for exams, or in planning, executing, and proofing written work. Depending on the desire and temperament of the student, I can gear my lessons either towards cramming and exam survival or towards the nurturing of lifelong learning.

In my time as both lecturer and tutor I have learned that there is no effective one-size-fits-all approach to pedagogy. If you're struggling with an obdurate topic and simply wish to pass an exam that you're dreading, I can help you by teaching to the test and unlocking the code of what's expected at your level. If you're enthralled by your subject and wish to pursue it further, beyond the bounds of learning outcomes and assessment, then I can cultivate that passion in you. If you want to improve your critical or creative writing, I can help you articulate your vision and present it according to high standards; along the way I will instil good practices that will help you in any such task.

For any given first session I like to get to know the student, find out where they're at in their course of study, and see what their current working methods are like. Usually, talking about the current piece of homework, the next upcoming exam, or due assignment is a great way to gauge their requirements, assess where my help is most needed, and thus collaboratively devise a joint programme of work. Some students work better with a more freewheeling approach in which they discover the joy of their own working methods, whereas others achieve their potential with a more planned and scheduled approach. Contingent upon these considerations, my sessions can run between one and two hours.


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About Alexis

I have been lecturing in English Literature at Brunel University, where I received my PhD, since the 2015-16 academic year. I have been offering private tuition in various capacities since I was a teenager. I have received consistently positive feedback from the groups I've taught at university, and have had successful results with my private students since focusing on tuition in the last year. I am also a nationally-published writer whose book reviews have appeared in The Guardian and Prospect Magazine. I have run sessions on writing technique at my university.

Recently, an MA student at Birkbeck whom I have coached in writing technique received a Distinction for both essays that they wrote in the past year, an A Level student of mine got a place on the Classics & Philosophy BA of their choice, and a GCSE student showed considerable improvement on his English mock exams. In addition to English I have also tutored in Religious Studies and French Language (GCSE) as well as History, Classic Civilisation, and Philosophy (A Level). I am familiar with the AQA, OCR, and EdExcel syllabi, as well as the skills required to thrive in a university setting.

I have an Enhanced DBS Certificate, dated March 16th of 2020. I am signed up for the update service.



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