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MD, PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health for Individual and Group Classes

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I am very committed to teaching and to the mission of training students and physicians to meet the demands of their future professional careers. I view teaching and mentoring as a primary responsibility despite having an active research program that is demanding and requires a lot of time.

Teaching medical undergraduate and graduate students is an area I have greatly enjoyed and actively participated in since the start of my academic tenure. I have had the privilege of teaching in different venues and setting including small tutorial and large lecture and team based-based learning settings. My teaching style in small group setting makes extensive use of group discussions to yield a deep understanding of fundamental concepts and the skills needed to manage the complexity of modern practice of medicine and health sciences. With the initial introduction of important fundamental ideas and concepts, I use class discussion as the means of presenting the relevant underlying problem, while always trying to tie it to a real life clinical or research scenario. The ultimate goal is for students to gain an understanding of the science and to appreciate its relevance and importance. I try to direct the discussion as necessary to lead the students naturally from the basic understanding of the key concepts related to the underlying case/problem to a critical analysis of the subject at hand and its practical applications. My ultimate goal is for the students to have a strong understanding of the basic biology or theory, and then walk students through the process of thinking like a scientists or a clinician. Some of the important skills that I have gained from teaching in small groups include finding the right balance between listening and talking, to know when to intervene to direct the student discussions, and how to make the process of learning and class time enjoyable for the students; skills that I believe enrich the educational process, and that have been appreciated by students as expressed in their feedback and evaluations of my teaching. I model Practice-Based Learning by introducing students to new and alternative resources in the form of YouTube videos, smart phone applications, newly released practice guidelines, etc. to keep up with the advances in technology, science and education, and to present the students with alternative views on the subject in hand.

In large group setting, I use a hybrid system that combined a lecture component intertwined with group exercises. Students were required to do pre-readings. During class we would have a discussion to assess the students’ initial comprehension of new material. Every class is followed by a mini-project in the form of an exercise/assignment that is typically a simplified real-world case. A large, final project that is commonly based on a real-world example or case provides the students with the experience needed to translate and apply the knowledge they gain from the course to identify, formulate, and solve scientific and epidemiologic problems. I favor projects with an element of teamwork and collaboration, but with clearly defined individual roles and responsibilities to allow for fair evaluation of individual team members. Projects provide a venue for students to search the literature and learn how to apply the knowledge gained from class to practical problems. A process that helps students grow life-long habits of literature search and self-education. Oral presentations provide the students the opportunity to organize, present, and teach the key components of their projects to their colleagues in a professional setting. Thy also practice public speaking. I continually modify course materials taking into account student feedback, advances in the field, and student performance on standardized exams. As for team-based learning activities, I use a similar process by incorporating exercises based on USMLE-style problems or published clinical or population health problems while using innovative ways of involving the students. I choose my materials based on importance to the modern practice of medicine, focusing on high yield subjects likely to be represented on standardized tests.

I have also been very actively involved in mentoring and advising medical students, graduate students, residents, as well as faculty that reached out to me to help with their research projects. These resulted in a number of projects, grants, and presentations to which the student and resident received awards including best research projects and best presentations. I try to develop a friendship with my advisees and mentees. I try to practically walk them through the various steps of research providing clear structure and explaining the reasoning and theories underlying each step along the way, being sure to expand their research knowledge. I am always happy to offer my advisees all the resources available including using data from the studies I work on. I look at these projects as “collaborations” as I always end up learning something new from those experiences, especially if they were in an area outside cardiovascular disease research, and they help me become a better teacher and researcher.

In summary, I have a deep appreciation for the educational and mentoring process. I thrive to become a better teacher by improving my grasp on my materials, keeping up with the advancements in the field of study, and learning new methods and techniques for delivery of the materials. I consider it a long-term investment and try to stay in contact with my students through their clinical years and after graduation. It brings me great satisfaction to watch them develop and grow as humans, physicians, and active leaders in their community.


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About Hamza

I am an MD with a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health subjects. More than 10 Years of experience teaching and mentoring undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students Achieved highest academic rankings and published their work in peer reviewed journals.



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