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Photographer with fifteen years of experience tutoring online for people of all ages


My teaching method is to get to know the student's needs and be flexible to everyone's individual learning styles. I have worked with elementary-aged students and college ages students. Flexibility is important to learning, everyone learns differently and needs different accommodations. For photography, I would give mini assignments and make sure to go over photoshop/ editing lessons. For photography going out to practice is the most important thing, and having fun with it!


Photography has always been an important part of my life. When I was little I always loved getting those disposable cameras and capturing everything that seemed important and beautiful. When I was twelve, I stole my father's film camera and continued my education in photography through trial and error. It wasn't until later in life that I made a switch to digital. Now I use a Nikon D750, but I still have a love for film. I am currently a Graduate student at the University of Oregon in their Folklore and Public Culture Masters program. I received my Bachelors of Science in Anthropology and a minor in Philosophy, and someday I hope to get my Doctorate. My education is just as important to me as my photography. Both influence the other. I will continue to pursue both my passions. I am always open to an adventure as long as my camera is in my hands, I use it to find what is hidden and beautiful in the world.

Check out my website: (concealed information)


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Lessons offered by Iris
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Photography
  • Digital photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Film photography
  • All Levels

Iris 's resume


Fall 2018 - Present
Folklore and Public Culture Master’s Student
My research interests are on holiday myths and how they relate to current cultural mindsets. Specifically, on Sinterklaas, a holiday celebrated in the Netherlands, and the current debate surrounding Zwarte Piet and how it should be changed. This research interest relates to my Dutch upbringing and desire to learn more about my cultural heritage.
Notable classes: History/Theory Folklore Research, Fantasy Studies, Seminar Magic of the Middle Ages, Museum Education, Women Studies: Defining Deviance, Public Folklore, Cultural Programming, Fieldwork Methods, Social Theory, South Asian Folklore, Craft Clothing Culture, Folk Art & Material Culture

Fall 2014 – Graduated 2017
Bachelor of Science of Anthropology, with a minor in Philosophy
Notable classes: Grant Writing, Social and Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Women’s Studies, Visual Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Archeology, Environmental Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Statistics

Fall 2011 – Graduated 2014
Associate of Arts – Oregon Transfer
Notable classes: Introduction to Business, Writing, Reading, Speech, Statistics, Science (geology, meteorology, oceanography), Art (photography, printmaking, sculpture)

Graduated 2011

Work Experience:

July 24, 2020 – September 15, 2020
Project: Finding Comfort/ Discomfort through Foodways
This internship is for designing the exhibit that is connected to the project: Finding Comfort/Discomfort Through Foodways. The project receives partial funding from the Association for the Study of Food and Society and the Ohio Humanities Council. My activities included assisting in developing and designing an online exhibit for the Comfort/Discomfort Foodways Project. The exhibit was built from materials gathered from interviews and documentation. (concealed information)

September 2019 – June 2020
Writing 121 is an introduction to argumentative writing and critical inquiry. For this course, I teach the students important class themes and topics through a two-essay cycle. For this position I have created/done lesson plans, assignment prompts, rubrics, lead conferences, and grading.
Spring Term 2020 – Due to COVID-19 concerns, the University of Oregon decided to operate remotely. Due to the situation, I learned how to set up and implement an online course that included weekly lectures (done through virtual methods), quizzes, discussion posts, worksheets, and the main assignments (essays and reflections).

March-June 2020 (UO Spring Term)
This internship was part of the project Exploring Indigeneity, Place, Traditions, and Transmission funded by Communities Connecting Heritage. Communities Connecting Heritage is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by World Learning. This project occurred over a 6-month period from January – June 2020 students from the University of Oregon partnered with students in Romania to embark on a journey sharing intangible cultural heritage through an intergenerational approach while exploring the transmission of Native American and Romanian intangible cultural heritage, such as regalia making, storytelling, traditional folk costumes, rug weaving, and woodcarvings. The project was intended to have an in-person cultural exchange between groups from Romania and Oregon and to create a virtual product that combined the work from the Oregon and Romania team. I, along with another student, created a website that showcased the work we have done throughout the project by sharing our culture, folklore, our countries, videos, pictures, and stories. I also created a zine, which is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images created by an individual or small group. I did all the creative layout of the zine, using information provided from other members of the group. I also created the design of the cover. (concealed information)

September 2018–March 2019 (UO Fall and Winter terms)
My work at OFN includes answering the phone; sending and responding to emails; facilitating meetings; coordinating the newsletter; drafting folk arts award nominations; logging ethnographic documentation; event prep and implementation; office organization; photography; archiving; and photo editing.

August 2019 (UO Summer Term)
This internship was for folklife fieldwork The OFN was doing their statewide folklife survey for the Oregon coast. I had the opportunity to shadow/ assist a folklorist as they interviewed people, attended events, cold calls, photograph, take notes, participated in workshops, etc. This was done to collect information and people’s culture to possibly add it to OFN’s roaster. (concealed information)

March-June 2019 (UO Spring Term)
Helped OFN organize and implement the TAAP Master Artists Gathering. This event invited the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program’s (TAAP) master artists (2011-2019) for peer-to-peer mentoring and professional development. I assisted OFN in organizing artist information, mileage calculations, budget organization, and event set up. My other duties included photographing ad videoing the artists and the event.
(concealed information)

I have done a variety of photography jobs that include photos of couples, engagement photos, wedding photos, portraits, and landscapes. I have also done other art projects with different materials and techniques. Photography teaches patience by waiting for the perfect moment and knowing how to deal with other people’s opinions. Art, in general, allows for my creative side to emerge and express itself. (concealed information)

I have worked with several different families over the past seven children. The ages of the children range from three years old to ten. My general responsibilities are to get the children ready for the day, make their meals, take them out on adventures, help with homework and reading, assisted with potty training (when it was needed), help/ give medication, and take care of them in any other way that was needed. The ability to take care of children requires patience, caring, foresight, responsibility, flexibility, and much more.

September 2012–September 2013
I worked at an after-school daycare with around thirty students in kindergarten to fifth grade. I started as a teacher’s aide and a year later became teacher qualified. My duties included setting up snacks, activities, lessons, cleaning, and general tasks for the care of children. Working with children teaches a person how to control crazy situations and to settle down tense moments.

Grant Writing Experience
I had the opportunity to learn how to write a grant for Friends of the Columbia Gorge organization and their Vic Clausen Outdoor Youth Program. I was partnered up with one other student and we wrote the grant together.

Camera Skills
Personally, I have a digital Nikon D75O camera, which is a camera with a full frame sensor. I can use both manual and automatic modes. I shoot in RAW, so it is easier to edit in photoshop. I have also worked with film cameras, both Nikon and Cannon. I also have experience setting up lighting, space, tripods, and other photography tools.

Adobe programs
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Photoshop
I can use photoshop to edit and manipulate photographs for both raw and jpg files. I am also able to create logos and clipart images from scratch.

Website Design

Microsoft Office skills

Always willing to try something new. I can easily change directions when needed. If changes happen to my schedule or a project I am working on, I can easily adjust without too much stress.

Able to keep things clean and find things easily. I like to organize files, things, and rooms to make everything easier to find. I make sure to label items, boxes, and files so it is easier for anyone to come and find what they are looking for. I do this type of organizing for both physical and digital spaces and files.
Have experience in organizing events.



Can work in a group or independently

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