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Physics Engineer graduated through astronomy popularizing still publishing astrophysics papers and explaining astronomy


We need to combine all aspects of learning. I like having a solid presentation to cover the subject at hand. It is also equally important to have the student participate through everyday experiences that relate to what we are trying to learn, as well as "Socratic" and student questions and interactions. Expect experiments


I earned scholarships to my degree as a Physics Engineer through popularizing astronomy and science at multiple universities and institutions in Mexico and the USA. I love learning new things and understanding why things happen, and teaching them back to those that also want to learn is great


Rate for online lessons : $30/h
Lessons offered by Joaquin
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Astronomy
  • All Levels

Joaquin's resume

Experience in business analysis, reporting and strategy, well seasoned in diverse technical and quantitative methods. Incorporates an educated, objective and innovative creative point of view under a rigorous ethical code, simplifying complex projects involving multiple variables and functions. Additional attributes include:

 Excellent technical and quantitative insight
 Advanced research, analysis and optimization experience
 Highly developed public and executive communication/presentation skills
 Trilingual; fluent in English and Spanish, basic knowledge of German
Data Analysis, Information Visualization, Creative/Critical Thinking, Strategic Planning, Initiative, Problem Finding/Solving, Custom Software and Spreadsheets, Business Management, Executive Reporting, Insight Development and Institutional Performance Tracking and Efficiency
Co Owner and CEO
BoWa & Tea Mexico City, Mexico 2014 to date
• Conceived, self-funded and led the company’s start-up and business plan from origin to its current position as a customer favorite organic whole leaf teas and infusions option
• Product and brand creator, from supplier research to distributing twelve blends in 15+ locations
• Responsible for the company’s strategy, finances, inventory, and distribution
• Accountable for the brand’s positioning, image and customer experience through continuous tea parties, customer/employee training and event presence
Organizational Effectiveness Coordinator, Human Resources/Strategic Planning
Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico City, Mexico 2013-2014
• Conducted research and advised on organizational standards and best practices while participating in the design, analysis and implementation of tools and solutions for the organization’s design and control
• Developed standardized systems of documentation by creating the “Organizational Effectiveness School”, available through the company’s intranet within six months
• Advised and established key definitions, performance indicators and reports in every corporate direction, incorporating over ten countries
• Responsible for the corporation’s resources, procedures and structures effectiveness of over 140,000 employees in 13 countries

Management and Strategy Consultant
Independent Multiple locations 2010-2017
• Advisor to over ten companies in multiple industries
• Prospected and delivered tailored projects from proposal, in accordance to each organizations policies, to delivery, always meeting obligations and expanding the scope of projects 40% of my interventions
• Identified pressing matters by working with CEOs and management, presenting results, conclusions and solutions while conducting targeted research to incorporate innovative practices
• Successfully integrated, implemented and evaluated multiple robust methodologies and statistical tools in key managerial decisions constantly delivering to my clients requirements and satisfaction
• Reviewed sensitive financial and organizational information for its analysis and evaluation improving institutional understanding while enabling my customers organization capabilities
• Designed, proposed and executed quality plans. Gathered, mapped and quantified the added value stream of key processes and internal requirements
• Entrusted with tactical operations that required learning and working with extensive different software products like SAP, SQL, Excel, MS Windows and Office, Mac OS, QlikView and several internally developed programs to collect, review, analyze and expose information
• Prepared and conducted executive presentations, improving data management and exposure
• Coordinated the design, development and kickoff for optimization, quality, efficiency and profitability tools as well as data analysis and visualization systems immediately increasing decision making abilities, improving my customers gestalt organizational performance and satisfaction

Account Consultant, Reward Information Services
Hay Group Mexico City, Mexico 2008-2010
• Managed the Reward Information Database, evaluating job profiles and compensation schemes while being responsible for over 100 accounts from most industries feeding said system
• Developed the relationship that led to the highest selling project in the department ($800,000 MXP) for the first half of 2010 incorporating solutions by two other divisions in four locations
• Started conducting training sessions on Compensation Administration, Job Description and Evaluation and Reward/Benefits surveys and software, increasing the value of every product

Associate Consultant, Studies Coordination
Great Place to Work, Institute Mexico City, Mexico Jan 2008- Nov 2008
• Responsible for collecting and processing the Institute’s studies and results
• Led the effort that automated the generation of indexes, benchmarks, reports, and presentations reducing costs of up to $250,000 MXP/year


B. S. Physics Engineering. December 2007
Universidad Iberoamericana. México DF, México.
• Physics Engineering Student Government President
• Scholarship recipient at Centro Astronomico Clavius
• Scholarship at the Institute for Astronomies’ National Astronomical Observatory (IA-OAN)
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. USA
o Study Abroad Program (2007)
o Scholarship recipient at Copernicus Observatory

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