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Previous Biology Teacher with over 15 years of experience in the Natural Sciences

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My teaching method varies based on the student. My first goal as an educator is to understand how the student absorbs and retains information, then my curriculum will be fine tuned to meet those needs.
I give lessons to Middle School Science students, and High School students needing assistance with Biology and Environmental Science. I will use a combination of visual learning, such as video clips and diagrams, along with traditional classroom activities, critical thinking, and practical applications.


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  • Genetics
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About Amanda

I am a previous Biology Teacher who switched to Sustainability in a Government setting. I have a B.S and a Masters Degree in Biology. I also received my Masters in Education while teaching High School Biology. I have a passion for the Natural Sciences, and love sharing that with students who are looking for a better understanding of the subject. My professional experience in science driven fields will allow me to use real world, practical applications.



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Biological Science can be a challenging subject area for some students. $35/hour is for the Upper Level Classes (Honors/AP Bio, Environmental Science, Marine Biology,etc. ).
If your student is in Middle School (Earth Science, General Science) my rate is $25/hr
If you choose to have virtual lessons, my rate is $25/hr for all services.

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