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Prior College Teaching Assistant and teacher abroad offering Math (any level) and Science lessons in the Conroe area.

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The way I like to go about teaching is to break things down into their smallest pieces and relate them to something you inherently understand. Sometimes abstract concepts are difficult to comprehend for the simple reason that they are just that - abstract. If you break things down and relate them to systems you already understand, it makes those things not only easier to remember (through association), but also easier to think through. It's difficult to understand how to build a house if you only look at the completed product, but if you break it down you will eventually see that it is simply a culmination of smaller things added up to equal a house (foundation, wood skeleton, insulation, wiring, etc.), each of which can be studied in its own right.


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About Jonathon

Hello! I am a recently returned teacher from abroad, and have been tutoring since I was a student in college. I taught in large classrooms (up to 50 students) while abroad and participated in both individual and classroom setting tutoring while earning my Neuroscience degree, so I'm ready to tackle any challenge you might offer me as long as you're ready as well!



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If you are farther than 20 miles from me, I may charge more hourly per lesson to pay for my own transportation costs (depending on your distance).

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