Nunwill - Prof baking - San Diego

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Nunwill - Prof baking - San Diego


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Private Sicilian cooking lessons,moved in San Diego from Uk ready to be your teacher or just your private chef.

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About Nunwill

I give lesson for the last 6 years in London and this year in Escondido.
I had 5 adult student per year( it was on my free time).
well most of the wife they become to cook for the husband with love,specially with Sicilian dishes that are just wow.

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I am Nunwill,I am 36 years old,I grow up in Sicily.
I had a Sicilian course of cooking in the most beautiful city named Taormina situated in sSicily.
I love to cook and I can teach that is so easy for everyone.

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I can meet you and decide when you want to start and if you want to know how to make some specific dishes and you can pay me in the end of any single lesson.

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