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Profession Guitar Coach with over 35 years of experience in all styles & levels of music... I also teach Music Theory, Songwriting & and offer Music Career advisement



• Learn the skills you need to play the music
you love

• Be empowered through one-on-one sessions

• Increase your potential as a musician & guitarist with a personalized curriculum

• All levels of instruction… from complete beginner to complete professional

• Practice effectively with a holistic accelerated
goal-oriented approach:
- increase your motivation
- utilize proven time management skills
- sharpen your focus & concentration
- build confidence
develop an effective mindset

• Learn how to absorb more material at a deeper level in a shorter amount of time

• Invest your time & energy in an approach to learning which ensures measurable (definable) improvement

• You can explore any & all styles of music:
Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Metal, Hip Hop, Folk, Reggae, Classical, & more

• Ages: 16 years old & up


I Teach Because I Love It:

I love seeing a student reach their goals.

I’ve been working with music students for long enough now that I am able to quickly determine what their next best action should be… the action that will enable them to grow & evolve as guitar players. I have a keen sense of ascertaining a student’s skill level , so that I can quickly get them into working on the musicianship skills that will transform their playing. My sessions are efficient: they are very effective, very quickly.

As a beginner, you can approach the learning process in a way that keeps it fun & exciting while building the techniques & vocabulary that you use every day.
The cool thing about the guitar is that all of the chords & strumming patterns that you learn from day one are the same chords & strumming patterns you’ll use as an intermediate or advanced player. You don’t have to start with super basic “baby” steps & then learn what the “real” players use later down the road. You get to immediately start with the real deal.


Goal Clarity:

No matter what your personal goals for playing are, there is always a way to get there.

Goal clarity is essential to getting the most out of your efforts. Once you have a clear idea of the kind of player you want to be, it is merely a matter of reverse-engineering. Together, we create a plan & a process to realize the version of yourself that you aspire to. And that’s what I love to do… co-create a personalized curriculum with you that will accomplish precisely that result. You create your vision, and I guide you on how to get there.


The Success Mindset:

I think everybody understands the concept that the more time you put into the playing & practicing, the faster you will progress. It’s mostly a matter of clarifying the specific things you need to work on. However, maintaining an effective mindset during your practice makes all the difference in the world. Our sessions will include how to create & maintain a highly effective mindset that allows creativity to grow.

It turns out, for most people, their belief system is the first thing they need to take a look at… what do you believe you are capable of accomplishing?
My experience has shown me that starting with figuring out a person’s mindset is always crucial to making the learning take hold. And this propels them into taking the steps that result in a profound change with their playing.

So many students don’t realize that they are carrying around ideas about themselves & the guitar & the process… ideas that are holding them back from realizing their vision for themselves as an artist, who is a musician, who is a guitarist.

I feel the teacher & the student work should together to create a personalized curriculum that focuses on the musicianship skills necessary to play the music you love.


Getting Started:

You can take one session to check it out & see if this is a good fit for you, and then take it from there.
There is no obligation… you can take as many, or as few lessons, as you would like.

You can schedule lessons at any frequency… once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, twice a week, or here & there. I think of myself as a personal trainer: whether you have practiced every day or not at all, our sessions are designed to meet you wherever you’re at. This takes the pressure off and keeps our sessions fun. It depends on your agenda for the development of your playing ability.

It’s important to have realistic expectations for your progress, so we’ll explore all options for your lessons & practice sessions. That way, you’ll choose an informed productive approach that fits your lifestyle.


Rate for online lessons : $60/h


The sessions run for 75 minutes & you can schedule at any frequency that works for you... once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, every now & then... literally any frequency.

Lessons offered by Matthew
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • All Levels

Matthew's resume


• Over thirty-five years of experience worldwide: composer, performer, clinician, educator
• Creator of The 99 Decisions Guitar Program, a comprehensive online instructional video course for guitar that utilizes a holistic approach to teaching effective strategies for time management, setting goals, building confidence, & maintaining a positive mindset

• Ten years as instructor @ the GRAMMY Foundation’s Summer Music Career Camp in Los Angeles, California, working with industry notables such as Ryan Seacrest, Nick Jonas, Earth, Wind & Fire, Ricky Minor, David Foster, and more

•  Current faculty member specializing in Music Theory and Songwriting at The ex’treme Institute, in Saint Louis, Missouri

• Teaching residencies at The Center of Creative Arts (COCA) & The Sheldon Theater in Saint Louis, Missouri

• Toured North & South America with Latin Pop band, La Quinta Estacion, ending with winning a GRAMMY for Best Latin Pop album 2010

• Released an acclaimed Modern Jazz album of original compositions, In This Present Moment,
featuring Jimmy Haslip, Peter Erskine, Larry Goldings, Bob Sheppard, James Genus, and Terri Lyne Carrington

• Extensive recording session work for numerous artists across numerous genres

• Achieved two academic degrees:
- Musicians Institute (GIT), Los Angeles, California, Performance Degree
- Citrus College, Azusa, California Associate of Art Degree

• Endorsed by Godin Guitars, Tom Anderson Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amplification, Elixir Strings, Walrus Audio Effects, & Levy’s Leathers

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