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Professional Experienced TESOL-Holder English Teacher with More than 13 Years of English/ESL/EFL, Business English, IELTS& CELPIP Teaching Experience to a Wide Variety of International School, College

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Dr. Mary (Professional Tutor) is one of the best tutors in Essay writing. They have a high-quality profile, verified qualifications, a quick response time, and great reviews from students!

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******* I can help you with ALL SCIENCE (MATH, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY) and ENGINEERING courses at all levels as well as Test Preps for PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, MCAT, IB (HL & SL), CELPIP, IELTS and many other School and College/University Entrance Exam Preps, please contact me for further info ****

**************** STRICTLY NO homework, assignments, coursework, exams, or any other works (before official release of the solutions) will be completed for the student or on behalf of the student as this is CHEATING and IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL.*********************

***I am an expert at teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL), Business English, IELTS, CELPIP and many others as I have a very prestigious and highly accredited teaching certificate (TESOL) from the USA (Arizona State University, ASU). **** Additionally, I have passed many ADVANCED English Teaching, IELTS Teaching, Speaking, Writing, Creative Writing, Editing, Grammar, Punctuation, Reading, Listening, Pronunciation, Business English and many more other advanced courses from THE BEST AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES such as HARVARD UNIVERSITY, STANFORD UNIVERSITY, University of Michigan, University of Washington, Georgia Institute of Technology, Wesleyan University, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE (UCI), University of Pennsylvania and many more. Therefore, I can definitely help you improve your English and also ace ALL your English exams including IELTS and CELPIP tests.

***Learning process is different for each student so I always tailor my teaching method to what best suits each of my students or a majority of them in group sessions. Mostly through conversations, I try to make my students fluent and accurate English speakers by spotting their errors and working on them thoroughly to make sure they never make the same mistakes again. My main goal is your SUCCESS.

***I believe the best way to master for example your speaking skills is to speak English a lot about different topics and have a kind, patient and knowledgeable teacher to correct your mistakes. I can surely be that teacher and helper for you since I love opening up conversations and breaking the ice to make new friends so don’t worry if you don’t know what to talk about, because I will surely assist you to get the conversation going.

***Plus, I need to remind you not to be at all worried about making any English mistakes in my classes because I am exactly here to correct your mistakes and help you get over them as quickly as possible to become accurate, fluent and very very confident English speakers at the end of the day. My goal as an English teacher is to make my students happy and satisfied with learning English with me.

***You can absolutely count on me to sharpen your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a very friendly and active environment. If you are looking for a teacher who is enthusiastic and always willing to put their students first, then allow me to join you in your language learning journey!!

***Please do feel free to get in touch with me today to show you how I can help you reach your English language learning goals.

** Excellent and Efficient Writing classes will be held as well at a little higher rate. Please contact me for more info.**

*** I teach ALL UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE Courses at ALL LEVELS and YEARS (even Postgraduates) such as Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Math, Calculus, Statistics, Probability and Statistics, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry for Engineers, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry of Polymers, Advanced MATH, Calculus, Algebra, Advanced PHYSICS, etc. in addition to Chemical Engineering, Polymer Engineering and Polymer Science-related Technical Courses including Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Material and Energy Balances, Process Control Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Reaction Engineering, Process Synthesis, Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Processing, Composite Engineering, Principles of Polymerization Engineering, Plastic Engineering, Elastomer Engineering and many more at the following rates *** (Please do reach out for more discussions and clarifications)

**Introductory-level University/College Courses : $56 USD/Hour

**Lower/Higher Advanced-level University/College Courses : Between $60-78 USD/Hour Depending on the content of the course

** IB & AP & Honors Courses : $54 USD/Hour (as these are actually university-level courses) (IB HL: $56 USD/Hour)

**School Courses such as High School : $48 USD/Hour

*********Welcome to my classes!!!**********


  • Essay writing
  • Oral Expression
  • English literature
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    Dissertation and thesis writing preparation


  • English


  • All Levels

About Dr. Mary (Professional Tutor)

I have been successfully teaching English, ESL/EFL, CELPIP, IELTS, Business English and many more for over 13 years to a wide variety of students and learners from all around the world and to be honest I have enjoyed every bit of it. I promise you that learning English with me is going to be so much fun for you, and I can assure you that you will never get bored in my classes.

- I have a Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree in Chemical Engineering where the medium of teaching and research was totally in ENGLISH.
- I have achieved IELTS Overall Band Score 8.5 and was always TOP student throughout all my studies during Ph.D., Master's and Bachelor's degrees and was always awarded FULL scholarship.
- I started university 2 years earlier than my peers and was the youngest Ph.D. student among all my batchmates. I have won outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate student awards.
- I was a volunteer IELTS tutor for 3 years.

***I can surely help you learn English deeply and become a fluent speaker in a short period of time***

*** I can help you with SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP, MCAT, IB (HL & SL), CELPIP, IELTS and many other School and College/University Entrance Exam Preps as well, please contact me for further info ****



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  • $48/h

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