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Filippo - Prof italian - Weymouth


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Professional Italian native with Teacher and ESL Degree and Certification both from Italy and USA gives Italian lessons at all levels. Learn from the best! Learning should be fun and rewarding. Buona

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About Filippo

I am an Italian teacher. I have been teaching for over 40 years. I have been teaching in school systems, and in private. I have helped hundreds of students of all ages. I have been teaching single, groups and families. My relation with my students last a long time, and I am able to connect with everybody.
I tailor the lessons according to the needs of the students.

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I am an Italian native with certified degrees from Italy and USA. I have demonstrated ability to motivate learners by adapting to individual learning styles and encourage participation by all students. I am very industrious and highly motivated individual, and a character and personality in dealing with students are above reproach, and I am a man of integrity and possess an amiable personality. I never put myself above my students and encourage them to achieve their goal. I have a ESL Certificate. I have been teaching all level of classes and specialized for single or group lessons.
I have worked for the Superior Court for criminal and civilian cases as a translator and interpreter.
In addition I have translated software programs for several companies.
After all these excellent experience I am more convinced that I LOVE to teach individual or groups of people with my enthusiasm and the knowledge of the melodic Italian language.
A winner never quits and a quitter never wins! For your learning experience you deserve the best, and with the best and the right teacher you will be able to achieve your goals and succeed in life.
I am the teacher that you are looking for. I would love to be a contributor for you success.
Arrivederci....Ciao....Buon Viaggio!

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