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I am a professional Mentor for rubiks cubes. I can teach all kinds of cubes both beginner and advance level. Name a cube and you will learn it from me with logic.


We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Harinder will be happy to arrange your first lesson Rubik's Cube.

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I always teach cubes logically and in a fun way. I always prefer to teach differently to different age groups because the way they understand the logic is quite different from each other. In this way they take cube as a hobby for them,not a burden.


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About Harinder

I have done my Master in Mathematics and cubes are my passion because its related to maths. I know the logic behind every step in the cubes and it makes cubes more interesting to me and helps me finding so many different ways for solving the cube. I am successfully teaching cubes from last 5 years and that definitely makes me a perfect mentor for cube:)



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  • 01

    1) When did you start practicing? How did this passion find you?

    I started practicing almost 3 years back. first time, my niece demonstrated how to solve 3x3 cube but she was not able to tell the logic behind each step . Being a person with zeal to find rationale and logic in everything (where possible), it really tickled my mind and appealed me to dig further and formulate logic behind different types of cubes. Over a period, this has evolved as my passion from interest and looking forward to establishing advanced formulae for all variants of cube.

  • 02

    2) Which artists or works affect you the most?

    Harinder: Erno Rubik, inventor of Rubik Cube is inspiration for me. He was design professor and in his age of 29 years started fiddling around with a set of wooden blocks. He connected those tiny wooden blocks, glued colored paper to their sides, bound them together with elastic string, and started twisting.
    However, the inventor of the Rubik's Cube had no idea how to solve one. What's more, he didn't know if anyone could.

    It took a month of twisting and re-twisting in his room before he found the solution

  • 03

    3) What are the qualities and skill required to succeed in this area?

    Spatial Reasoning. This is the ability to distinguish sequences/Patterns of colors from each other easily. This is an imperative skill for the Rubik's Cube.
    Patience. If you don't have patience you will not have a fun time learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube, whether it's learning how to solve one online, trying to figure it out on your own, or learning to get fast
    Application of concepts (In advanced methods the last layer builds up requires quick thinking. picking up 1 alg from 100-150 algs)
    Memorization. If you're going to go out and learn new algorithms to solve the cube, you will need to be able to memorize sequences.

  • 04

    What is the most valuable advice you can give to help someone stay focused on creative projects?

    In my view, Patience and sincerity are 2 common traits to achieve something on creative projects. While one is putting sincere efforts in achieving the results, expecting those to come easy has very slim chance. There comes the role of patience, so, patience and sincerity goes hand in hand to achieve something which you will be proud of later.

  • 05

    How would you describe your passion; how does it make you feel?

    It makes me feel content and proud. This helps me to satisfy my zeal to both learn and teach. More I teach to my students, more I feel happy . That gives me boundless opportunities to meet people from various geographies, learn from them about themselves, their culture etc.... while I teach them about cubes. I am really proud of what I learnt and now sharing that with people all over the world.

  • 06

    What creative achievements are you particularly proud of?

    - Spatial Reasoning built while learning the cubes
    - Limitless Opportunities to meet and teach ( and also learn from) people with different background and geographies
    - Discovered high degree of patience in self which is helping me in many fronts in my personal life

  • 07

    Have you ever been surprised by a student; by their ability or quick progression?

    While every student is unique and star in his/her own area. There are couple of students who really amazed by their ability to learn the cube. A boy from Germany has learnt it in half of the time a good student takes. Moreover, I taught him an algebra logic to calculate sum of odd/even numbers from 1 to 100 quickly. To my surprise, next day he demonstrated his ability to quickly apply the same logic for numbers till 1 million!!

  • 08

    Being a Superprof is an art! What is your secret?

    Be truthful to your work and to your students in all circumstances. With clear intentions and sincere efforts, success is bound to come.

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