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Professor of electrical engineering gives math lessons in New York City to all grades from middle school up to colleges and universities with a 25 years of experience

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About the lesson

I am a professor of engineering. I have B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. and Post-Doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. I give lessons in maths and electrical engineering for middle, secondary schools, colleges and Universities. My method of teaching is classic, i.e. lesson structure at home.
My methodology is quite explicit and simple. I teach the lesson as required by the student according to the curriculum, clarify what was given by his/her teacher, solve examples and give homework to solve by the student and inspect the solutions in the next lesson together with the student so that he/she figures out the whole story by explaining every thing in detail if it was not solved correctly.


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    Precalculus & Calculus



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About Layth

I have been teaching since 1993. my classes contain 30-40 students. I have been a distinguished teacher. All my students pass the examinations for they believe that my teaching is powerful.

Courses Taught:

Algebra, analytic geometry, plane geometry, mathematics, precalculus, calculus, finite mathematics and developmental mathematics.



  • 5h: $180
  • 10h: $350


For college and university students the rate will be 50/hr

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