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Michelle - Prof computer programming - Alamo


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Programming tutor and director of Codefy, TechoMedia, Superposition, Programming Girls, and SPARK

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About Michelle

I am a student double-majoring in Astrophysics and Computer Science.
My volunteer experiences in programming including:
I am a volunteer teacher of SPARK. In which, I have been teaching elementary and middle school students in Chinese mountainous remote area Chengjitou County online weekly on programming (Scratch and Python) as well as other courses such as science and English courses.
I am an outreach executive of TechoMedia and a mentor for several workshops and courses in Python and Java.
I am a director of the course Python (Advanced) of Codefy. Python (Advanced) class covers topics such as splicing, list/set/dictionary comprehensions, and Python libraries such as Numpy and Pandas.
I am Chapter founder of Superposition Suzhou. Superposition focuses in bridging the gender gap in STEM, especially programming. It empowers women in STEM by creating educational opportunities & supportive spaces for developing their passions. I am in charge holding local seminars and courses in programming.
I am a co-founder of Programming girls, which is similar to Superposition that it focuses in bringing programming courses to girls. I taught Python in it mostly. The organization is no longer active now, but I have shifted my effort to Superposition Suzhou.
I am a deputy editor of ShareSTEM, which I have published articles on programming (especially Python) and on Astrophysics and other science research opportunities.
In addition, I love the process of deriving innovative ideas, checking my logics, briefing the “sentences,” abstracting the concrete objects and visualizing the abstract ideas, etc. in programming. I also love the idea that though programming, we can make our ideas to reality and promote social changes to benefit peers and others. As a student with Astrophysics as the intended major, programming is and should always be an indispensable part of my life.

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I love to give Python courses to middle and high school students. My teaching starts from giving lectures, and then comes to discussion and Q & A, and finally it has real-life projects to be completed by the students to enhance their memory in the knowledge as well as learn the application which makes the knowledge useful and inspires them to learn more.

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