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« She is an excellent teacher, I like the way she teaches me. Her... More »
« She is an excellent teacher, I like the way she teaches me. Her lessons are interesting and didactic, I would suggest taking it. »
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  • Positive psychology
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Conflict management
  • Relationship coaching
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Psico-educator online helps you listen to yourself (in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese) and decide to live accordingly.


I am a psychologist and a polyglot educator. I teach skills, which means that I help you do what you need according to your circumstances, which you know better than I do.Your process sets the time of our work: yours and mine. My concern is to guide you towards a useful direction of thinking; this means that I help you listen to yourself and think. This includes helping you become aware of your emotions, their meanings, and the opportunities they suggest behind the discomfort and difficulties they produce. We will interact intellectually and discursively and come up with your best solution.


I offer a space to discuss your personal and family concerns, free of judgment, full of deep respect for individuality, and with a culturally flexible view of the human experience. I majored in psychology in Colombia, where I worked in clinical psychology in the context of education and armed conflict, focussing on the prevention of conflict and gender issues. Furthermore, I am also a polyglot, with additional training and experience in teaching of practical skills for communication, so we can use your language and actually get to listen to your needs.


Rate for online lessons : $40/h
Lessons offered by Juliana
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Positive psychology
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Conflict management
  • Relationship coaching
  • All Levels

Juliana's resume

Work experience

Apr 2016- Present
(concealed information) (concealed information) Brazil
(concealed information) Ukraine
Learn If U Connect- Brazil

E Tutor
Key responsibilities: teaching English, Spanish, and French online to international students between the ages of 14 to 60.


July 2014- Present
(concealed information) VR, RJ- Brazil.
(concealed information) VR, RJ- Brazil.
(concealed information) Niterói, RJ- Brazil.

Language Teacher
Key responsibilities: teaching English, Spanish and French to adults and adolescents, planning and implementing of culture and movie workshops. IELTS, TOEFL, DELF & DELE exams preparation.


Jan 2016- Present
(concealed information) New Jersey (USA)
(concealed information) – USA
Translate If U Send- Brazil

Key responsibilities: translating academic & personal documents, scholarly articles and abstracts; translating e-books and paperback books (literature and handbooks). From/ into English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Mar 2007- Dec 2013
(concealed information) Medellin, Colombia
Psycho- pedagogical counseling, individual academic tutor & language teacher

Key responsibilities: Giving integrated support for School and College students with special needs, and their families (academic & psycho-pedagogical); teaching English and French to children, adolescents, and adults; helping students prepare for English exams (CEF: KET, PET; IELTS, TOEFL y MET); providing academic tutoring (Social Sciences, biology, mathematics and languages).


Feb 2011- Oct 2012
Apr 2009- May 2010
(concealed information) Medellin- Colombia.

Academic monitor for the course: Theory of Social Sciences/Studies.
Key responsibilities: providing with technical support for the course and with academic support for the students.


Mar 2005- Nov 2006
(concealed information) Medellin- Colombia

Sales operator
Key responsibilities: providing the company with larger amounts of sales at customers’ shops; providing final customers with support at the moment of the purchase; counter service; reporting issues, and training of new members.


Forensic Psychology (Psychology Unit)- (concealed information) Medellin- Colombia
Criminal Psychology- (concealed information) Medellin (Colombia)
Educational Psychology- (concealed information) Medellin- Colombia

Key responsibilities: Assisting the drafting of forensic reports, participating in scientific meetings; providing the community with individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy; providing elementary students of a public school with psycho- education sessions with litterature for the government’s program for conflict resolution and crime prevention; providing with professional and logistic support for interviewing the users of a Missing Persons Unit; implementing of original co-education project (gender issues).


Education and training

University of Antioquia, Medellin (Colombia)
Psychology - Bachelor’s degree

Federal Fluminense University, Niterói, RJ (Brazil) French and Francophone Literature – Specialization

Introduction aux droits de l´homme University of Geneva (2014)
Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach - University Johns-Hopkins (2015)
Academic English: Writing – University of California, Irvine (2016)
Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences – Rutgers University, New Jersey (2016)
Miracles of Human Language – Leiden University, Meertens Instituut (2016)
Evolution Today – Leiden University, Naturalis Biodiversity Center (2016)
Serious Gaming – Erasmus University, Rotterdam (2017)
Behavioral Economics in Action – University of Toronto (2017)

Silva Arango, M. J. (2017). On Negativity and Subjectivity: Kierkegaard. Revista de Psicología University of Antioquia, 9(1), 105-116. DOI: 10.17533/udea.rpsua.v9n1a08

Basic German

Good communicative skills in several languages, assertiveness, and similar soft skills; conflict resolution skills; creativeness, adaptiveness, learning and innovation drive.
Attention to detail, good time-management and task-prioritizing skills.

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5 recommendations


She is an excellent teacher, I like the way she teaches me. Her lessons are interesting and didactic, I would suggest taking it.


Learning a new language to most is a daunting task, but Juliana makes the process accessible regardless of your level. Her savoir de vivre and ability to speak 5 languages makes her classes dynamic, fun, and challenging. She’s intentional about her methods, encourages me to speak during the class, and uses various situations/contexts to help with retention.
She’s helped me with medical Spanish, and I stopped using an interpreter after 3 months of studying with her, mostly because she helped me prioritize vocabularies that are highly utilized and she adapted to focus on concepts I poorly understood. In addition to the language instruction, her nuanced understanding of Latin American culture is a strength. Her psychology background was handy when I asked for her help with motivational interview and analyze one of my recorded consultations with my patients. She provided me with respectful and insightful feedback. Two years after I started with her, I’m now learning French. I really appreciate that we can make comparisons between French and Spanish, and it helps me identify gaps in my Spanish that I never paid attention to before while reinforcing my study of French. Dicho esto, la recomiendo a alguien que esté dispuesto a aprender un nuevo idioma!


Tenho aulas com a Juliana há 6 meses e vejo grandes progressos no meu inglês. Ela prepara o conteúdo direcionadas as minhas necessidades. As aulas são dinâmicas, agradáveis com assuntos interessantes e não são nada repetitivas. Ela entende o seu erro, onde você erra e explica de modo que você entenda o certo e porque é o certo. Recomendo a quem quer acelerar seu processo de aprendizagem, de forma personalizada e não quer depender de cursos.


Juliana is a professional educator that helped me when I moved to the States, she has a degree in psychology and understands your needs and the way to develop new skills.


Juliana cuenta con toda la habilidad y el talento para ofrecer por medio de sus clases la motivación que se necesita para aprender un nuevo idioma de manera dinámica, sintiéndome totalmente a gusto.
Es una persona bastante organizada, adaptando de manera completa cada tema.
Genera seguridad y confianza sin sentirme cohibida.
Recomiendo en su totalidad las clases con ella.

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