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Psychology - Career Information for beginners in the Midwest; by Forensic Psychology Masters Candidate & (K-Adult) Special Educator.

About the lesson

Greetings! Here, you will learn what psychology can do for you. I'm retired now. However, I've enjoyed a varied work history over my life time, but went back to school full time when one of my sons started having problems in public school due to mental health issues. With a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology, I learned much about him, the other kids he went to school with, as well as myself, others and the public school system in several Midwestern states! I also learned that psychology is a "helping" field with many different avenues for career direction yet it is my experience and understanding that undergraduate courses are not generally geared to helping one map-out a well paying and stair-step plan to a career goal for after graduation; prior to or instead of going on to the Masters level. It's such a shame to see good psychology grads stick with the same waitering and retail jobs when 25K-40K+ positions are meant for them, had they known the right internships and upper level elective coursework to take to ensure immediate placement at graduation, in the field of their choosing! If you or someone you know is interested in psychology, start here!! Learn what psychology can do for you!!!

This short course will be taught on a weekly basis in which you will be provided with:

An Overview w/Prof requirements/Personal Plan Start/Discovery of 2-3 Field Interests
Psychology at the Federal & International Level/Internships/Electives
" at the State & Local Level/"/"/Hone Personal Plan & Internship Search
" at the Facility, Cooperation & Scholarly Level/"/"/Ethics for Beginners
" at the Personal Level/further Study/Personal Plan Presentation/END
Final WeeK = 1 on 1 question & answer/Personalized Info (if poss) & Feedback

This course is NOT however, an exhaustive search of all career fields or all requirements for all Midwest states, but is intended to provide the prospective psychology student/major with insights, tips, examples and general information beyond what most will receive at the undergrad level. I offer this course in hopes of helping to guide those who are truly interested, to appropriate job placement and career ideas prior to graduation.

I am also taking suggestions on other areas that would be of interest or assistance, such as:
How to spot a Hoarder & What to Do about it;
What to do when Adult Protective Services knocks on the Door;
What Everyone should know about Advocating for Others;
What Parents & Students should know about Special Education (At Any Grade Level);
The IEP/IHP for Loved Ones with Disabilities;
What is a Individual Behavior Plan and When & Why it might be Helpful;
How to get Help Dealing with Public Schools when Advocating for Children;
Home Schooling Rules & Regs by State (with Issues & Implications);
All Inclusive Home Schooling that Anyone can Teach! Curriculum, Lesson Plans & Resources by Grade Level (with State Requirements);
How to Pick the Best Nursing Home/Rehabilitation Facility & What to Watch Out for Afterwards;

Over the years, I have worked in many different fields that all actually involve psychology in way or another. Let me help you find your chosen field and teach you how to get into it with a direct path. Learn what psychology can do for you!


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About Diana

- US Army Reserve / US Navy veteran (Military Police)
-Veterinarian's Assistant, All Breed Pet Groomer & Confirmation Handler (Hound Group)
-Mom of 3 children, (1 with Asperger's, other mental health issues)
-Animal Control Field Officer, Beach Supervisor & Media Officer
-Certified State Peace Officer
-Life Skills Coach / Job Coach / Seniors Club for Adults with Mental & Physical Disabilities
-After School Program Staff for Children with Disabilities
-Coaching Children's All Inclusive, Extracurricular Sports Teams
-Chief of Security (HOA)
-Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Emphasis in Legal Issues
-Youth Case Manager for Teen Rehabilitation Program
-Case Manager for Group Homes for Adults with Disabilities
-Master of Arts Candidate in Special Education Teaching (K-Adult) & History (K-12)
-State Certification in Teaching History (K-12) & Special Education Teaching (Er Ch-Adult)
-Public School Teaching (K-8) History / PE & (Special Education Teaching (K-8) Internships
-Master of Science Candidate in Applied Forensic Psychology
-State Adult Protective Services Special Investigator
-I remain an Advocate for Civil & Animal Rights



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