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Psychology is a fun subject as well as informative. It is easy to retain when associated with regular life.

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I taught at a private school by the name of Watkins Academy. The subjects however were not psychology. I was a teacher that taught many age groups from preschool to seniors. It was this experience that helped me to learn my teaching potential. I did not have a teaching degree but a Bachelor of Arts at that time. I have held many jobs since then, but teaching is still in the top two of the best and most rewarding jobs I have held. I have a Master of Science Degree in Psychology.


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About Nancy

I am just beginning to give lessons again. I teach children with whom I am in contact with on a beginning level for learning the alphabet, numbers, english and all other beginning subject for elementary. Psychology I am qualified to teach at the High School or undergraduate level in college.
During my time at Watkins Academy, (which was almost two years) I tutored two students in reading. For one student there was not a large amount of success because there was not one at home to make them do their homework once school was out. For the other student there was perfect progress. Once the student could not read past a first grade level and they were in the fifth grade. While the guarding at home helping and making sure the homework was done was a big help, the fact that the student wanted to read made all the difference and when the school year ended the reading level was above and beyound the fifth grade level.



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