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Public Speaking for Professionals in Cleveland,Ohio with 18 years of experience at your office

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Professional public speaking lessons to physicians, college professors, and aspiring lecturers expected to give presentations and reports in their chosen profession. Unlike community based training courses these are lessons given by a trained professional. All lessons will be tailored made according to the demands and requirements of your profession and your personality. The primary goals will be to internally generate enthusiasm and emotionally charge your audience to achieve your purpose. The basic contents include:

Vocal Expression
Division of the Speech


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About Herbert

Eighteen years of experience to major non-profit organizations in New York City, physicians at the University Hospital and a college professor at Ohio State University.

From these lecturers and presentations over 500 students have improved the quality of their lives and became more efficient in their field of expertise.These expressions of enthusiasm never failed to send off an emotional charge to the recipient. For instance, the young men at the Harlem Educational Activities Fund were inspired to take action from my Manhood Presentation. They were so inspired that they decided to start their own book club. The contents of this reading material would direct these college candidates towards mental growth and development. A Korean physics professor was able to communicated more effectively when presenting lectures to his students.



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