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Reading and understanding is fun...and so many books are wonderful which take all bad feelings away

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I am a teacher who understands what is broken if a child cannot read. So once I see what is broken, I fix the break . Once the student is reading and enjoying the reading, the broken part goes away.
Several times I have fixed the broken piece and it never broke again. A child left out all small words when he was reading so he didn't understand what he was reading. I yellowed all of the small words so that he would focus on small words. Within a month he was reading all words and within a few months, he read on a high level. After he was able to read he stopped fighting in the school and within 6 months, his reading went from 2nd grade reading to 6th grade reading and he loves to read.


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About Rochelle

I have been giving lessons for forty years. Each year of my being a teacher or principal, I always worked individually with students who had a problem reading, I worked individually with a lot of children. I probably worked individually with at least 60 students over the years.That is a low estimate.
Many of the students and their parents were very happy after we figured out what the problem was. One mother offered to buy me a gift which would have been a tiffany bracelet.... I said to the parent,
my present was that her son was now reading and was no longer a bully. Once, his reading problem disappeared, he stopped bullying children in the school.Time goes quickly....I have been teaching, supervising and doing every thing a teacher has to do each day for the past 48 years.



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My rates are based on the students level and if a child has a disability, there are ways to fix the problem. The rate may go up if many techniques need to be included to fix the problem.

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