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Recent graduate chemical engineering student who currently teaches math, chemistry, physics to middle school, high school, and college students in New York.

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I was a Teacher's Assistant in Calculus IV in college, and during that time, I kept individual files for all the 100+ students. Because of this, I catered to each individual student and we were able to learn all the difficult material!

I always love throwing in fun little tricks into learning, whether it be fun games helping to learn the material, or also finding out new ways to solve problems that are memorable.

More than learning, I love just getting to know who I am working with. I believe in really getting to know my students because only when we're able to joke around does learning come more fluidly!


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About Ian

I recently graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with my M.S. Material Science & Engineering, and prior to that I received my B.S. Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Engineering Chemistry.

I love baseball, and actually play softball in my free time! I also love anything astronomy related.

I have been a tutor for almost 10 years, and ever since I started I have continued to learn more and more!



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