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Retired High School Teacher tutors physics and math in Las Cruces, NM

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I am a retired physics teacher who loved my job. I have been tutoring math and physics for about five years and I love that also. I truly believe everyone can be successful in math and physics. And I start from there. I will start having the high school or college or post-college student talk about what causes them difficulty. We will work sample problems and, if possible, I will have the student work on a white board. I find if we can figure out what gives them problems,the rest is easy. It resembles college courses--once you study and you know what you do not know, the rest is easy. I also try to find what the students love--playing soccer, writing poetry, reading mysteries, playing flute... we can build on this. then the students will leave the lesson feeling better about themselves. Then their work in math and physics will improve.


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About Gail

I have been giving one-on-one lessons for about 5 years and have taught every level of math and every level of physics (and some physical science.) My students have always improved their grades and their success in getting into college/university or graduate school. I have tutored at least 50 students, all of which have been successful.



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