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Retired special needs teacher of all core subjects. Reading/language arts with k-8 students. Basic math, pre-algebra grades k-8 from home or students can be tutored from my home in Saint Augustine, Fl


When teaching reading/language arts for students with varying prototypes, I follow specific learning styles of each student. For example: A student that is reading two years below his/her reading level because of their learning style might benefit from cues and prompts and positive reinforcement. I would combine a phonetic approach to teaching along with a whole language approach. If a student was reading on grade level or above, students would read books, articles, editorials etc... to broaden their reading knowledge and abilities. Writing skills would be enhanced with on-going improvement in sentence structure, parts of speech usage, syntax and various assignments.


Over 20 years teaching experience from within the Boston Public Schools. Certified in moderate special needs, health/physical education and k-9 guidance counselor. Masters' degree in education within the counseling psychology tract and administrative certification as a principal/assistant principal in elementary and middle school.


Rate for online lessons : $22/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $18
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $16


If a family has difficulty with paying, I am willing to discuss this with them and make substantial adjustments.

Lessons offered by John
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at his home
Taught subjects
  • Academic help for reading
  • Special needs - ADHD
  • All Levels

John's resume

From 1989-2009, I taught within the Boston Public Schools. Most of my teaching assignments were with a self-contained classroom with 8-12 students and a paraprofessional. In these settings, we would break up into two reading groups with 4-6 students in each group. There are several different self-contained classroom settings. Some settings would include students two years below grade level in the core academic subjects of reading/language arts and math. Another setting would include students with social, emotional developmental issues as well as the academic learning difficulties that would hinder the students' progress. Difficulties such as short-term memory loss, dyslexia, attention deficit issues, attention deficit combined with hyperactivity and other prototypes. My life-long journey into public school education brought me to the confines of many different libraries. Libraries became my sanctuary. My teaching credentials began with my bachelors' degree in 1973 from the College of Emporia, Kansas. A teaching certification in health/physical was added in 1976 from Easter Nazarene College in Wollaston, Massachusetts and I continued with certification as a guidance counselor in grades K-9. This was also from Eastern Nazarene College with my internship at Quincy High School in Quincy, Massachusetts. In 1988, I received a masters' degree in education in counseling psychology from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1989, I received my teaching certification in moderate special needs from Eastern Nazarene with my practicum with the Boston Public Schools at the Paul A. Dever Elementary School. My employment within the Boston Public Schools began September, 1989. For the next 20 years, I taught in Boston until my retirement in 2009. During my teaching career, I continued my educational journey by obtain my administrative certification as a principal/assistant principal grades K-9. My internship was from the Pembroke Public Schools and along the way, I added an additional 25 graduate level courses that is the equivalent to 75 graduate level points to my portfolio and the Boston Teacher's Union benefits package toward my retirement. My interest in public school education has never wavered and I now am looking to again get involved in my life-long journey in teaching.

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