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Science Tutor with 3 Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry, Biology, and Biomedical Engineering

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Regarding group tutoring: I have tutored 8-10 groups of freshman students in physics and chemistry. My responsibilities included organizing worksheets and problem sets for practice. I also reviewed concepts covered in lecture in supplementation with analogies to reinforce better comprehension. Moreover, I have tutored a classroom sized group of students at a tutoring center for AP biology.

For private one on one tutoring, I usually cater to my student's weakness and solidify their strength.


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About Huylong

During my undergraduate career at UC Irvine, I implemented my scientific knowledge in biology, chemistry and engineering in a project where I collaborated in building a prototype of a Sandwich ELISA based microfluidic device to diagnose HIV. The device is fabricated by implementing an adapted version of the photolithography technique from the semiconductor industry to obtain specific features that are imprinted onto PDMS and overlayed with COC (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer). The goal of the device is to provide a cheap, portable, and robust point-of-care pathway to detect HIV. Upon collaboration with a patent attorney, a provisional patent for the design has been filed with the OTA under UCI and has been received (Tech ID: 23731/UC Case 2013-648-0).



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