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I am a socccer coach for Lone star academy and I ahve been doing this for almost 5 years and I also major in kinesiology and communications.

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  • Current high school athlete looking to help improve other athletes to their full potential.


    Colorado Springs

    When I train for any sport, I want it to be fun but also something that challenges me and makes me better. In any session...

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    • 30mins free
  • Hi I love teaching other peaple what I know and love them to be as successful as I am


    Saint Paul

    I love giving them ways of memorization example say we're doing two plus two I just imagine it as Pizza there's two slices...

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  • High school senior with several years of club soccer experience. Coaching experience.



    5 (2 reviews)

    My coaching methods include enriching foot skills and knowledge of the game. I also focus heavily on passing, foot skills,...

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  • Former student athlete (UCLA) and current professional soccer player for Real Salt Lake!


    West Jordan

    Using former experiences at UCLA and Real Salt Lake, my goal is to create a realistic training environment that one is...

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  • STEAM and conservational professional offering biology lessons within the Saginaw Bay Region with four years experience.



    I have a Biology Degree from Central Michigan University, Navy Veteran, think Michigan is a wonderful place to live, and I...

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  • Women/girl varsity level soccer player with 8 years of experience ‎wanna to teach


    Pink Hill

    My teach method is starting with the basics and focusing on technic. The basics are the key to become a professional at...

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  • Wanna learn more about sports learn with me it’s free enjoy your time



    Tell make other people enjoy sports and help them and to never give up no matter what life is not easy sometimes it’s good...

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  • 31 years experience in coaching at High schools, clubs and semi -pro levels at Texas and Arkansas.



    I stress in development of touch and skills and communications, as well training for advancements in speed and development...

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  • Soccer player/ coach with 15 years experience as a player and 3 years experience as a coach



    Depending on the age group I start my teaching approach by having everyone introduced themselves and say one interesting...

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  • Current Division 3 soccer player with 12 years of competitive soccer experience.


    Park Ridge

    My teaching approach is that I teach my classes based on all the skills and techniques I have learned from my professional...

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  • Highschool graduate giving soccer lessons! Played for 15 years, including competitive teams!



    I will teach children 15 and under. The key points I'd like to focus on are as followed Positioning Possession of the...

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  • Soccer player who’s 18 and has played since she was four years old. I also watch it too :)



    I’ll approach each topic by having some fun and not rushing anything! It’s all about learning, having fun, and gaining...

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  • Lifelong soccer player with national and international experience gives online soccer lessons.



    My teaching method is very interactive to get the most direct feedback to apply to your learning. I would also like to make...

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  • I am a An Athlete myself who is in Highschool. I have worked hard in all these sports and have learned so much. I would like to pass my extensive knowledge of these sports on.



    My teaching methods vary depending on the student. I also wanna see the level of commitment they have. Some just like to...

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  • 12 years of soccer, including 7 years of competitive traveling soccer with Woodbury and St. Croix soccer clubs!



    5 (3 reviews)

    My teaching method is purely based around the students. Their work ethic and pace of learning will be highly incorporated in...

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  • English FA qualified coach offers online development training for individuals or groups


    New York

    I work with players ranging from 6yrs to college and professional level adults, with a brain-centred focus which works on...

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  • Former Overseas Pro and Division I College Soccer Player studying Sport and Exercise Psychology giving Tips and Advice for Development and Reaching Your Goals



    My teaching method is very hands on and depends a lot on my student. If someone has a clear goal in mind when coming into...

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  • Hi my name is Alex and I want to help you guys with all of your questions of sports and Any outdoor activity hope you have a great day bye



    I can’t help you guys with whatever you guys zero physical activities outside sports or whatever it may be just ask me a...

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  • You’ll learn the best technique in the best form to be better than yesterday !



    My teaching method is for you to get it down & understand it in the best way possible ! I like to go over any techniques or...

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  • Soccer and football specialist ready to teach you how to become successful


    New Bern

    Base my classes on experience. I can start from the ground up or go based off your experience . Little to know experience...

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    • 1hr free