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South Denver Masters student with extensive liberal arts background teaches philosophy and history

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My teaching methodology focuses on a holistic approach to education that is based on openness between teacher and student. I do not believe in just loading students with multiple texts that are not conducive to heated discussion and are irrelevant to the contemporary world. I believe in giving students selections from landmark works that are in contrast with each other to piece together the narrative of human experience. I do not rely on the Western canon as the basis for knowledge, and I work to incorporate marginalized voices to create an understanding of where we have been so we can figure out together where we need to go forward.


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About Will

I attended a liberal arts college and am currently in a Masters program at the University of Denver. My work expertise is connected through my overarching focus on religious studies, but I am interdisciplinary with passions for history, philosophy, and political science. I value personal connections and digging deep to find nuggets of passion in academic work to find meaning in contemporary society.



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