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Statistics Models and evaluation and programming via R, Minitab and Chinese

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Obtained Doctoral degree in Bio-statistics in 2016 and Master degree in Statistics in 2011. As a teaching assistant in the university, I helped undergraduate students in courses “Analysis of Scientific Data”, “Biometrics”, “Pharmacy-Data Analysis & Professional Practice”, “Probability Models for Engineering & Science”, and “Research Methodology”, to understand basic statistics concept and basic programming for R, Minitab and STATA. During the class, I usually made PPT to give a brief review about the concepts learned in the lectures at the beginning of the tutorial and then gave relevant practice to students.


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About Ting

since February 2012, I had worked as a teaching assistant for every semester for several courses for first, second and third year of university students. There were more or less 20 students in the class. At each semester, students made a evaluation for each tutorial class, I obtained average 4.2/5 score for all classes. Also, I was a private tutor for the 12th grade student to supervise mathematics and she passed the state mathematics exam to enter university.



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