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Todd - Prof martial arts - Quincy


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1st lesson free

  • Martial arts
  • Self defense
  • Karate
  • Kung-fu
  • Tai chi
  • Kenpo

I teach at 5 massachusetts chinese schools traditional 3 styles of kung fu and tai chi, budo on the side

Lesson location

    • webcam
    • at your home or a public place : will travel up to 30 km from Quincy

About Todd


martial arts is a way of life,
martial arts skills learned can be applied to everyday situations.(balancing, reactions, strategies, ethics, etc.)
students are taught how solve problems peacefully, and outwit life's problems rather than outfight life's problems.
any common person can fight, it takes a special person to create peace from fighting.


I grew up in the greater boston metropolitain area,
and started studying martial arts in the 1970s.
by the early 1990's I was a sensei in goshuryu kenbujutsu and gendai jujitsu.

Serendepity allowed me to become
a student of the Great Mr. Chan at the old praying mantis school on washington st in quincy.
there I learned choy lay fut kung fu, tai chi (chen and yang)
there I also learned leung ying kung fu from Mr Chan's lifelong friend Nima mansour.
after Mr. Chan retired I was given the honor of teaching at the Newon cantonese school.
My Kung fu brother Joe cheverie allowed me to teach at the sharon chinese school.
My experiences from those schools then opened a door at the westwood chinese school, the wellesley chinese school
and the brookline chinese school.
I taught Jujitsu and karate at Linx enrichment in wellesley from 2009-2020
avocationaly I work in concert halls and night clubs,, and some defense contracts on the side

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About the lesson

  • All Levels
  • English

All languages in which the lesson is available :


for kids, I hide the learning in games, and stories

for the adults I strive to make their strengths stronger their weaknesses strong,
make them well rounded martial artists EG
stretching, meditation, punching, kicking, breaking, sticks, swords, knives, martial arts history, chinese culture, sparring grappling, classical literature on strategy, etc.

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Hourly rate

  • $22

Pack Prices

  • 5h: $75
  • 10h: $115


  • $22/h


  • + $$60

free lessons

This first lesson offered with Todd will allow you to get to know each other and clearly specify your needs for your next lessons.

  • 1hr


private lessons (in person) $60 thirty mile range from boston
in person lessons outside that range are negotiable.

group classes -mon, wed, fri
22$ drop-in group class rate
For 5 hours $ 75
For 10 hours $ 115

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