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Teach young children in math and science and computers and music lessons

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I use old and modern methods to teach math especially showing me how you got the answer I am very patient with the student because math can be very hard to understand I prefer the younger student because they are not set in there ways yet


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About Bernie

I have been tutoring for many years starting with my own children I have tutored many students over the years with good results they have all with great results tutored at the boys and girls club with great results had great results from parents



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    I teach by finding a base level of understanding through associating ideas, and then progressing to new material. I prefer...

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  • Advanced Placement and Honors high school student looking to make some money by helping you pass your classes



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  • Autism Spectrum Friendly, 5+ Years Experience, Fayette County, GA Native Math Tutor



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  • Boarding school student with a great level of understanding for math and english.


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  • I have been tutoring since retiring—enjoy working with aspiring students very much!



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  • Hi YOU! I am here to help with all your math and science problems. I know these classes tend to be difficult but with the right approach you can become a master at it in no time.



    As a high school student and college graduate with an average gpa of 3.8, I know what it takes to keep my grades up. One...

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  • Master's in Chemistry with Biomedicine offering maths and chemistry lessons with 5 years experience



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  • Undergraduate biochemistry major offering online mathematics and natural sciences lessons in North Suburb/Chicago Area



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  • Recent college graduate offering maths, physics, and chemistry lessons with 2 years of experience.


    St. Cloud

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  • High School student taking college-level calculus available to teach math around Baltimore



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  • Undergraduate student at UW-Madison. Comfortable with anything through or up to Calculus II, and also passionate about music and soccer!



    "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that...

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  • Relatable Chemistry teacher with a degree in teaching, not just in chemistry



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  • Learning Made Easy! Remote Math and Chemistry lessons SAT and Math Subject Test Prep



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  • Forensic Science student tutoring offering math and science lessons in New York City



    My approach as a tutor is to have the students be comfortable and to be relaxed. School can be stressful and I do not want...

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  • Qualified Math/Science Teacher with 16 years of experience, a teacher with a heart.


    My teaching method is student-based with a lot of activities to keep the child engage and focus. I also believe in the...

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  • High school senior offering lessons in math and science on Long Island, with AP credits in Chemistry, Calculus AB and taking several current AP courses



    I am a high school senior, as such I can only provide tutoring to other middle or high school students. As an instructor I...

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  • Learn MATH/ PHYSICS through inspiration and motivation from a BSc+PGDE qualified experienced teacher


    Mendocino County

    Teaching methods and techniques will be implemented taking the competency level of the student into consideration. Modern...

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  • Elementary science and math, high school algebra, physical science and chemistry tutor.



    My teaching method is to make learning a pleasant experience with patient and comfortable interaction with the student. I...

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  • Student of mathematics with some tutoring experience helps define rules and engage fun examples.



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  • Math is my life! I'm in Ohio but can help anywhere! Let me help you



    I need to find out how you learn best. Plus, math is unique in there are many ways to get to the same answer. When we figure...

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  • Mechanical Engineering student with a potent interest in chemistry, in hopes of combining the two in Biomedical Engineering.



    I try to understand how you learn. Whether you are more visual or more autodidactic. Are your strengths in memorization or...

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    • 1hr free