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1st lesson free!

1st lesson free!

Teaches watercolor with a special focus on landscape painting. Watercolor is, admittedly, a tough medium to master but with the right guidance and deliberate practice, learning can be fun!

About the lesson

Currently stationed in India, online training only. Looking for 'expression of interest from students. Email your interest to me (information provided below)

A thorough introduction to the materials

Drilling down the fundamentals through testing and discovery

Learning through multiple iterations

Art Appreciation

Art critique

Live demo of sample scenes based on work by past masters

Instant feedback on a painting done by students


Assessment of assignments

Who the lessons are for:

Teenagers and above with basic drawing skill


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Art And Design
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    Watercolor painting


  • English


  • All Levels

About Anindya

An architect by profession, artist by obsession.

Mostly self-taught but, as always we stand on the shoulders of giants.

I firmly believe that watercolor painting is therapeutic and a blissful act of creation. The joy can be discovered and rediscovered.



  • 5h: $250
  • 10h: $500


  • $50/h

free lessons

  • 1hr


For Individual:
Block booking for 5 hr = $180 (split in two days a week)
Block booking for 10 hr = $275 (split in four days in two weeks)

If you can get a recommendation or if I get a student to a group block booking at the same time period, discounted rate for EACH student shall be applicable as follows:

For Group: (group size 2)
Block booking for 5 hr = $120 (split in two days a week)
Block booking for 10 hr = $200 (split in four days in two weeks)

For Group: (group size 3)
Block booking for 5 hr = $100 (split in two days a week)
Block booking for 10 hr = $180 (split in four days in two weeks)

First free lesson not applicable for block booking


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