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Teaching style i don't have a 10 years experience but I teach middle class or junior class in mason

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A.we have different types of learning styles-

Auditive learning (by speaking and listening)
Visual learning (by eyes,by watching)
Hyptic learning (by touching and feeling)
learning through intellect.

Different theories of learning-Their are differnt theories of learning here what we consider is some what different and it is easy to learn and go through it.It is very much important to have a differnt style of learning in order to learn easily.

Sensory stimulation theory-By stimulating the sences espicially the visual sence ,learning can be enhanced.This theory says by stimulating multi-sences greater learning can be achived.
Reinforcerment theory-positive and negative both type of reinforcements are seen here.positive are giving "rewards" and encouraging through verbal communication by saying "thats great" "you are good"gives them encouragement.Negative such as punishment on the sistuation and work.
Holisticlearning theory-This type of theory depends on specifically the desire of the person,intellect,emotions what they are carring with them.
Action learning-It links with the world of learning through the world of action where it is linked up with small coorperative groups of learning are called "action learning sets".These type of peope or the group on members meet regurlarly on the daily bases and learn from each other.
Experimental learning.-It is a continious strategy putting in practice,observing the reflections,review the conceptual understandings,experement to find the solutions.

The concepts ,ideas for teaching and learning approaches are-

Active learning-here it says asking sudents to take notes during lectures,engaging them in the class by asking and outting them questions,making them to share their views and ideas.
Hybrid learning - recently this trend was seen in the present senerio of teaching and learning in order to make the students learn more effectively.This is in- class active learning and out -of- class class active learning.
Self-regulated and Growth mind set are also the differnt type of concepts that will help in learning and these approaches are very use full in teaching.

Strategies are Behaviour management

classroom management

class room organization

councelling students

planning circulum activities

planning through field trips

For the concept of Vygotsky-he is a unique person his way of thinking and his approaches.He never consider him as a child-psychologist or an educational psychologist.In making this thery he mainly focesed on the two main important aspects like "History of human kind and the individual history of a child".the child plays an active and an important role.The relation ship between the child and the environment is the dynamic relation ship.Differnt of age periods and in differnt contexts in adopting the environment.

concept says that people learn from one another via listening ,observation,imitation,modelling,They are often called as bridge between behaviorist and cognitive learning theories because it encompasses attention,memory and motivation.


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About Rida

I a teacher or student both I study childhood education from uc neuroscience associated from college also mass communication. also I LIKE THE JUNIOR SCHOOL teaching program all subject also I'm teaching in Pakistani kids .



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