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Texas Tech Graduation with Masters in MIS and experienced college teacher tutoring Economics, Accounting, Finance, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics and more. Located in Lubbock, Tex

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Hi, I'm excited about the possibility of helping you with your class!

I have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and a Master in Management Information Systems, both from Texas Tech. I have been a college level Business Administration Instructor for 6 years and have been doing private tutoring for over 3 years, in addition to helping friends and classmates with schoolwork and tutoring for the athletic department while in graduate school. I have tutoring a range from elementary math and reading to graduate level Economics, Accounting and Statistics.

My students often say things to me like 'I wish my professor could explain it so well,' or 'I never thought I could pass Economics much less make an A.' They tell me that I'm patient and find new ways to explain things if they don't understand at first.


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About James

I have been professionally tutoring for over 3 years even though I've tutored as part of my job as a Business Administration Instructor for over 6 years and as a friend, classmate and student, manager and employer for most of my life. I've tutored probably over a 100 students as a professional tutor over the last 3+ years. Many have passed a class they were on the verge of failing before working with me late in the class, or made an A in classes they've failed in the past when working with me regularly throughout the class..



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