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1st lesson free!

The best individual mathematics course, online live by webcam, in France: up to bac + 3 - French and Anglo-Saxon schools - Teacher since 2009

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We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Chrys & Chris will be happy to arrange your first lesson Mathematics.

About the lesson

Today I claim the best private, individual and in pairs / trinomial mathematics course in France. I professionalized this activity by creating my company ChristopheAmiotEnseignements in 2009 and I work in collaboration with my wife, a French teacher (who founded ChrystelleAmiotEnseignements in 2013).

My level is that of the external aggregation of mathematics. I therefore teach them perfectly, from primary to entry into Master (or similar level), regardless of the sector. I teach the disciplines physics-chemistry (PC), life and earth sciences (SVT), digital and computer sciences (NSI) only in college and high school (I no longer do the first year of medicine in physics).

Here is a concrete example illustrating the extent of my expertise :

One of my former students started with an average of 6 in mathematics in first year. Obviously, he worked little and he was not particularly interested in this discipline. Like most, he was unaware of his abilities. I then intervened. At the end of a regular weekly follow-up of a year and a half, he finished his terminal at 15 on average.
He then entered university where he immediately positioned himself at the top of the class. After his first three years, he entered on file in a prestigious engineering school.
In the first year of his last cycle, he contacted me to solve and understand a long and particularly difficult math problem that even students from the best schools could not complete. We solved it entirely.

My expertise : it went from 6 to 15 on average, progressing like most of the students I have followed over the past 12 years. My method of progression is proven, proven by time.

My rigor : no regular session canceled in a year and a half ; for one-off courses in higher education, I have always been able to offer him availability within a few days, although my schedule is full as every year.

My secret ? Understand and not just learn by heart. Read his lessons regularly and then search, with a reasonable time, for the corresponding exercises. The key to success is regularity in the work. My learning is very visual, based on diagrams and always informed by my unique explanations. Each notion will thus be used in a clever and appropriate way. It is this so natural and intuitive approach that sets me apart and makes my students so successful.

My teaching is not limited to acquiring technical know-how. It also aims to achieve a certain state of mind through preparation that will help the student to better tackle each assignment or exam. To endure stress, to use his own strengths in view of his skills. On the big day, it will be ready.

I help the most in difficulty to regain self-confidence ; I allow those with a correct level to consolidate their academic record ; I lead the most successful to the gates of the best schools in France and the world ; to all, I pass on the taste for effort, the will to succeed and to deliver quality work. I thus lead my students to the maximum of their capacity and their results.
My main goal is to make my students strong in math. The strong is not the one who instantly finds the answer to an exercise for which he has already solved several similar ones. No, the real "strong" is the one who knows how to rigorously solve most of the questions, corresponding to the themes he has already studied, with sufficient time.

My approach with the private math lesson is unique. My explanations, my technicality, my editorial rigor, my optimism and my human values ​​make my students evolve. The impact of my teaching goes beyond studies, it is also in the professional world that the results will be there. My students acquire a solid background, in-depth and mastered skills as well as a broad vision of all the possibilities offered in the world of work.

My goal when I started teaching was to accompany one of my students into the X (because my brother is X-97 himself). This goal was achieved and on July 14, 2020, it was with pride that I saw it parade.


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About Chrys & Chris

In college, it was with my father that I studied mathematics in what we could already call private lessons. I was at the head of the class.

In high school in first S, following the example of my polytechnician brother, I left the second in my section six points behind.

In my graduate studies, I continued to deepen my knowledge while refining my technique in the four branches of the subject: analysis, algebra, geometry and probability.

During my master's year, I was confronted with a much higher level of difficulty in a teaching unit called "mathematical statistics". I did not manage to immediately reach my usual grades. On my first assignment, however, I was sure that I had answered the entire subject correctly. The professor with whom I made an appointment explained to me that, although the answers were correct, the writing of the proofs did not yet reach its level of requirement. This teacher is Lucien Birgé, a world-renowned statistician. A few years later, I bought books, among others by Walter Rudin. Going through the pages I finally fully understood my teacher's advice.

Having graduated in Master of Mathematics from Pierre and Marie Curie University then a Phd in Mathematics, I have been a professor of mathematics for over 12 years.

I started my professional career 13 years ago as an engineer / statistician but I quickly refocused on the discipline where I excelled at school. I then created ChristopheAmiotEnseignements in order to offer the best mathematics course at the local then national level.

Since then, I have accumulated more than 22,000 hours of lessons. I have become one of the most renowned professionals in France. I innovated with the best online math course live by webcam (by videoconference) in France.

Today, my clarity of explanation and my high technicality, allied to my seriousness and my rigor, but also to my personality, have no equivalent. The offer that I propose is far superior to those existing in the private lessons sector.

I study daily, for several hours, the best French and world bibliographic references, some of which are in their original version (in English). I read the works of my "masters" to always improve the quality and level of my services. I teach French-speaking students from the most prestigious Anglo-Saxon universities at the "Undergraduate" level to obtain the "Bachelor".

My only institutional interventions are at the university for the preparation of certified teachers for the internal aggregation of mathematics.



  • 5h: $541
  • 10h: $1081


  • + $$72


  • $108/h

free lessons

  • 30mins


The private lesson allows (in a certain format) to benefit from a tax advantage of up to 50%.

The “1st lesson offered” lasts between 15 and 45 min. It allows you to test the student's connection and computer equipment, but also to get to know each other and see together the organizational arrangements. We take stock of his level (grades / reports, checks etc.), his objectives and I present my method. This course takes place in the presence of parents and the student.

Primary school price : from €56 per hour.
Secondary rate : from €64 per hour.
Superior rate : from €78 per hour.

For individual lessons, if necessary, they can be moved but not canceled (in groups, no withdrawal possible). 40 or 45 minutes with me represent several hours of work with another teacher.

Payments are made in advance by bank transfers exclusively and in increments of 1 to 4 sessions.

The sessions vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the objectives and the budget of each. With a weekly rhythm.

Primary and Secondary : in 15min increments (30min, 45min, 1h, 1h15, ...)
Higher : by 10min increments (30min, 40min, 50min, 1h, 1h10, ...)

I have created a unique synergy between education and technology. In short, the private math lesson in its simplest and most effective form. Thanks to Skype software, my state-of-the-art equipment and my wired fiber optic connection, I practice around the world delivering unparalleled quality of lessons. I have at my disposal two dedicated multimedia rooms, fully equipped with the latest generation equipment : visual and sound qualities of the studio.

I also rely on an exhaustive library of more than 300 books covering mathematics up to the doctorate.

I can possibly receive my students in my large classroom at 27 rue Bernard Buffet in Domont 95330 at a rate of €78 / hour.

I can also, if necessary, come to your home with additional travel costs (from €52 more per course depending on the area).


Find out more about Chrys & Chris

  • 01

    Depuis quand développez­-vous un intérêt pour votre discipline et pour les cours particuliers ?

    Depuis mon plus jeune âge, j'ai toujours préféré étudier les mathématiques. À l'école, puis tout au long de ma scolarité, j'étais en tête de classe dans cette matière. Parfois de manière très significative (jusqu'à 8 points de moyenne d'écart avec celui qui était 2e de la classe).

    Lors de mon entrée dans le monde du travail, la première question que je me suis posé fut : dans quoi suis-je meilleur que les autres ? En mathématiques. Ma seconde interrogation : que faire avec ce « don » ? Enseigner, transmettre le plus simplement. Et voilà comment tout à commencer : l'objectif de proposer le meilleur cours particulier de mathématiques de la région.

  • 02

    Dites nous-en davantage sur la matière enseignée, sur les thèmes que vous appréciez aborder avec les élèves (et éventuellement ceux qui vous plaisent un peu moins) !

    Que sont les mathématiques ? Calculer, tracer des figures géométriques, construire des raisonnements logiques ? Non, ce sont des outils. Les mathématiques ont la capacité à nous préparer à répondre le mieux possible, dans notre vie future, à une problématique donnée. Le plus rapidement, avec uniquement les informations dont nous disposons.

    J'aime tout aborder avec mes élèves dans cette discipline, tous les aspects me plaisent.

  • 03

    Parlez-nous de vos modèles, que ce soit un professeur qui vous a marqué ou encore une oeuvre qui vous a inspiré !

    Michael Jordan. Je suis de la génération de ceux qui l'ont vue évolué aux Bulls de Chicago pendant les années 90. Il est l'incarnation du don, couplé au travail acharné et à la volonté. Il a aussi élevé le basket-ball au rang d'art (abstrait). À mon niveau, c'est ce que je souhaite montrer aux plus grands nombres avec les mathématiques : elles peuvent être esthétiques et procurer des émotions puissantes quand on trouve les bonnes réponses, les beaux raisonnements.

  • 04

    Quelles sont, selon vous, les qualités requises pour être un bon expert dans votre domaine ?

    Étudier continuellement, quotidiennement. Être capable de répondre aux questions des exercices de la manière la plus simple et la plus naturelle possible. Pouvoir dispenser un cours de mathématiques sur un thème qu'on maîtrise dans la minute : de tête et sans aucune aide. Je peux vous expliquer comment poser une division euclidienne en primaire, ou à l'opposé, vous montrer la pertinence de l'utilisation de l'intégrale de Lebesgues en probabilité.

  • 05

    Une anecdote en rapport avec votre métier ou votre scolarité à nous raconter ?

    Chaque année, je donne environ 1800h de cours individuels. Depuis 12 ans. Je n'ai croisé personne qui ait autant pratiqué, dans le domaine du cours particuliers, sur une plage de temps similaire.

  • 06

    Vous pouvez maintenant nous rassurer et nous avouer que vous aussi, vous avez déjà connu des difficultés à l'école…

    Pas « des difficultés ». Soyons plus humble, plus honnête, plus précis. De la fainéantise, oui. C'est d'ailleurs pour ça aussi, qu'aujourd'hui, mon enseignement est beaucoup demandé. Je sais l'importance de travailler régulièrement, de ne pas baisser les bras à la première difficulté, de toujours chercher à rendre un travail de qualité.

  • 07

    Aidez-nous à vous connaître un peu mieux en évoquant vos passions (que vous partagerez peut-être un jour via Superprof).

    J'ai une affinité particulière avec la culture asiatique. Je suis joueur de Go, pratiquant solitaire de Wing Chun, … J'aime la discipline, le sacrifice à son métier (son art), le respect des valeurs ancestrales.

  • 08

    Qu'est-ce qui fait de vous un Superprof (en plus d'avoir répondu à cette interview :-P) ?

    À preuve du contraire, je revendique le meilleur cours individuel de mathématiques, en ligne et en direct par webcam, de France jusqu'au bac+3

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