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Lessons offered by Debi
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Taught subjects
  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Creative writing
  • Essay writing
  • Resume / Cover letter writing prep
  • English literature
  • All Levels

I Am the LA Queen of College Admissions Cover Letters, Essay Writing, Research.


I start with the solution/example and work up to that. This avoids the mental storm that can develop when a student is overwhelmed. I am an expert in learning how to understand how each student learns best. Let's do this!


I have been a teacher since Cher was a child. I teach high school, college and university level English subject matter from Cover Letters, Essays, Research Methods, Critical Thinking. I believe that all students can and will succeed. I make learning fun and enjoyable.


Transportation Fee : $20
Rate for online lessons : $50/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $49
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $48


I prefer zoom meetings for effectiveness and convenience. A $20 fee is billed for travel/face to face meetings. If cancelled 24 hours before meeting time, 1/2 balance will be due. If cancelled in less than 24 hours, a full fee is expected.

Lessons offered by Debi
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Creative writing
  • Essay writing
  • Resume / Cover letter writing prep
  • English literature
  • All Levels

Debi's resume

Debra Hall, BA|MA
Email: (concealed information)
Linkedin: (concealed information)
Facebook: (concealed information)
Alpha Phi Alumnus: (concealed information)

Created structured educational experiences that support each student from point of entry to attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials and careers. Involved in academic committees and programs, including Diversity Committee, Composition Committee, and SLO Restructuring Team which has seen an increase in the number of students earning community college credentials to 86%. Participated in the closing of equity gaps. Supported California-based initiatives such as SSSP, Equity, Basic Skills Transformation, the Strong Workforce Program, and California College Promise. Created an educationally coherent online course map that include specific course sequences, progress milestones, and course learning outcomes. Intuitive, well-grounded and respected professional offering productive career steering effective adult multi-site, education programs within large scale public education systems. Harnesses entrepreneurial insight and fiscal prudence to produce a well-balanced service continuum. Fosters excellent management principles and training rapport with individuals from all levels, cultures and backgrounds. Acknowledged throughout career for employing clear ideals, standards, and integrity to the mix of leadership and decision making. Organizes, executes and monitors programs with a strong, long-term ROI. Core competencies include:
路 Program/Curriculum Development 路 Project Management
路 Request for Proposals & Bids Practical Classroom Experience
路 Technology Savvy 路 Strategic Alliances & Networking
路 Talent Acquisition & Retention 路 Presentations & Training
路 Policies & Procedures 路 Community & Media Relations
路 Tactical Marketing Initiatives 路 Administration & Reporting
Corporate Communications 路 Service & Program Start-Ups

Accountability, shared governance, course outcome content, standards and cored curriculum, key competencies,
achievement standards, attainment targets, benchmarks, cognitive neuroscience and relevance, assessment,
attained curriculum, authentic assessment, authentic learning connecting colleges and work related education
programs based on real world application of skills, blended learning, block teaching, course objectives from
basic skills to research to critical thinking, blooms taxonomy, cognitive, affective, psychomotor skills,
collaborative learning blended with competency based curriculum, summative assessment, validation,
concept maps, creative sequencing, paragraph development, context, super objectives, cross cutting themes,
culturally responsive curriculum, alignment and modification based on differentiation to adapt to variety of cultures,
taught students from over 50 countries, pedagogy didactics, differentiated instruction, focus on emerging issues,
formative assessment, peer evaluations, group processing, accountability, diversity, learning to know, do,
to live together and be. Inquiry based learning, field studies, interviews, shared ideas, metacognition,
predictive assessment, diverse multiple literacies, outcome based education, soft skills, student learning outcomes,
multi-year approaches, comprehensive analysis for program efficient, mentoring, tutoring, support services,
blended learning, competency based, cross cutting, metacognition, summative assessment, validation.

When individuals collaborate with an educator to construct a solid foundation for learning, their capacity
for success beyond basic skills is limitless. They see the possibilities of infinity.
I have implemented this philosophy since my first years in the classroom.
The cornerstone of my philosophy is a fundamental belief in the promise of a challenging and fulfilling
life for all students. I developed a shared learning system early on, and that model continues to encourage
students to form cooperative learning groups, share ideas and knowledge with other students鈥nd thrive.
Students process information from multiple sources, and that is why I balance individual learning with
cooperative group experiences. I am all about organization. The more focused and structured students
become, the more encouraged they are to strive for deeper critical understanding.
And humor. Laughter is a priceless teaching tool. A powerful vibration, humor allows students to
use multiple brain functions and enjoy the most difficult learning tasks. I have a gift for humor, and it forms
the foundation of my classroom teaching methods. To me, fun is the ultimate trump card.
I believe this is a most exciting time for educators to bring together diverse groups of students
with a common goal of creating an enriching learning experience for all. As students celebrate one
another and join cooperative groups, districts, parent organizations, teachers and administrators have a
unique opportunity to organize global environments where all benefit. I feel that shared learning moves
beyond the classroom student to my colleagues. I gain wisdom and insight through my connections and
collaborative efforts with fellow instructors and campus staff members.

I give every student my fair assessment.
I am enthusiastic and ever hopeful.
I am open to new ideas and welcome individuality.
I am not afraid to think outside the box in an effort to understand and empathize.
I am creative and excited about finding new ways to reach people.
I am an organized leader.
I am timely.
I am always professional.
I know how to be a friend and colleague.
I love to laugh.
I love to sing鈥n a chorus.

One of my specialties as a distance learning instructor is working with multiply diverse students 鈥
I offer No Cost/Zero Cost Courses for online students.
The growing population of nontraditional students:
鈥 Adult Learners
鈥 Students who did not immediately continue education after graduation from high school
鈥 Commuter students who attend college only part time
鈥 Work full time (35 hours or more per week)
鈥 Are financially independent
鈥 Have children or dependents other than a spouse
鈥 Single parents
鈥 International students: Latin Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Eastern Americans,
鈥 African Transfer Students, European Transfer Students, Pacific Islanders, Multiracial
鈥 Military students who finish university degrees post-retirement
鈥 Students with Disabilities

At the same time, I address the needs of traditional students:
鈥 Students who enroll in college immediately after graduation from high school,
鈥 Pupils who pursue their studies on a full-time basis
鈥 Complete their bachelor鈥檚 degrees in 4 or 5 years at a young age of 22-23
鈥 Are typically financially dependent on others
鈥 Do not have children,
鈥 Consider their college career to be their primary responsibility
鈥 Are employed only on a part-time basis if at all during the academic year
鈥 Attend college as an advanced high school program


Master of Arts (MA) 鈥 English Literature The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK
Bachelor of Science (BS) - English, Speech, Drama, Business English, British and American Literature, Creative Writing The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Blackboard Streamline Digital Online Teaching Instruction Coursework Content
Brain-Based Learning
Online Teaching Platforms
Summer Program
Wayland Baptist University, TX
Prof. Eric Jensen
Riverside Community College District, CA
The University of Aix-Marseilles, France
Improvisational Acting The Groundlings, Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Adjunct Professor Composition and Critical Thinking 2010 - Present
Los Angeles Valley College | Valley Glen, CA Face to Face / Online No Cost

English 103
Focused students on advanced writing skills: organization for argumentative writing and
preparatory expository writing for university skill level through organization, draft, rewrite,
transformation and creation of interpretive analytical essays.
Directed reading comprehension: interpretations of novels, poetry, nonfiction and biography
using conceptual and thematic approach thereby expanding cognitive skills to university level.
Approached advanced essays from critical perspective including Standard Analysis, Feminism,
Marxist, Reader Response, Structuralism, Archetype/Mythology.
Introduced guest speakers: authors and university pedagogues to augment learning input for
Published student essays, Proven efficacy of concept mapping teaching methods. Achieved a
high retention rate among students.

English 101 College Reading and Comprehension I
Taught advanced nonfiction and fiction analysis
Exposed student research essays and fiction writing to juried magazine e-publication to showcase
excellence in writing research.
Created small group learning aggregates and established norming, role ownership, created positive
and nurturing, erudite atmosphere.
Collaborated with students on individual composition projects to excel above writing standards for
that level, using multi ethnic cultures and characteristics as assets to augment learning.
Achieved a 97% success rate for student achievement on par or above university skill level.

English 28 Intermediate Reading and Comprehension
Taught advanced nonfiction and fiction analysis
Polished basic skills and advanced students to college level research essays by implementing
Roman numerical outline organization, MLA bibliography, a variety of research techniques,
Promoted test fairness by mitigating sources of cultural influence; and contributed to assessment
utility by developing effective means for communicating results to students. As a result,
all students passed placement equivalency for advancement to upper division coursework.
Student learning outcome at 98% success in multi culture, multi-generational diverse groups.

English 102 鈥 Online No Cost/Zero Cost
Taught students to write argumentative and persuasive essays about literary works.
Critical analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of literary works will be required.
Evaluated student ability to identify and analyze elements and principles of literature as exemplified
in both traditional and contemporary literary forms and in literary criticism.
Critically written analysis and argument essays, complete reading and other writing assignments,
participate in class discussions, and collaborate with classmates in small groups.
鈥 Interpret ideas, language, and literary techniques displayed in literary works. 鈥
鈥 Write unified, clear, and coherent essays that (1) demonstrate a critical analysis of fiction, poetry, or drama; 鈥(2) use sufficient examples from primary literary works and/or secondary sources to support the argument; and鈥(3) are free from major errors in mechanics, punctuation, and spelling. 鈥
鈥 Demonstrate knowledge of the techniques and conventions employed in various forms of literature (fiction, poetry, drama).

Adjunct Professor Literature, Composition, Analysis, Critical Thinking 2014-Present
Moreno Valley College | Moreno Valley, CA Online/No Cost

English 1B Online No Cost/Zero Cost鈥 College Level Study of Literature, Critical Thinking, Writing
Taught students to recognize and explain the principles of formal argument including:
Principles of effective logical analysis
Components of argumentation and persuasion in literary and critical works
Formal and informal fallacies of language and thought that weaken reasoning
Read and discuss literary works from a variety of genres 鈥 fiction, poetry, drama, and
non-fiction prose 鈥 with understanding and insight.
Read literary works closely, recognize differences in language use, understand figurative
language, and distinguish between literal and metaphorical meanings.
Recognize and appreciate some of the distinctive features of each genre covered.
Develop an appreciation for the broad diversity of authorial voices and cultural contexts in
works of literature.
Analyze literary works with an understanding of how critical thinking and argumentation
Distinguish among facts, inferences, and judgments in literary works and discussions of literature.
Explain assumptions upon which particular conclusions depend in literary and critical
texts and within their own arguments.
Interpret literary works using the formal components of literary analysis
Synthesize diverse interpretive alternatives and demonstrate an ability to assess
those alternatives while engaging in discussions of literature.
Develop an understanding of diverse political, historical, and cultural viewpoints from the
reading and discussion of literature.
Apply principles of sound critical thinking to their own interpretive/ argumentative
essays by composing developed, unified, coherent, and stylistically fluent essays that:
Analyze, criticize, and advocate ideas about literary works.
Demonstrate a consistent and persuasive line of reasoning in writing,
Provide valid logical premises in support of an analysis of or argument about literary works.
Make inferences about evidence and draw conclusions in support of an interpretive or
argumentative claim
Support premises about literary works with effectively integrated, relevant, thoughtful, and
sufficient evidence drawn (as appropriate) from texts.
Analyze and interpret evidence so the warrant for using specific textual material as evidence
for a particular claim is clear.
Demonstrate a consideration of alternate interpretations in creation of written literary arguments.
Online student learning outcome at 86% success in multi culture, multi-generational diverse groups.

English 1A Online - College-level critical reading, academic writing, and research skills
Critical Reading

Taught students to analyze college-level expository and argumentative texts directed at
advanced readers
Writing Academic Prose
Guided students through the process of writing essays of 1,500-3,000 words, synthesize multiple
patterns of development, and pursue answers to challenging questions or advance substantial arguments
Instructed students to illustrate and support claims effectively with relevant, thoughtful, and
evidence drawn from written and visual texts and from the writer鈥檚 personal experience
Created video tutorials to teach students to use the conventions of academic English to produce
intelligible and stylistically mature essays free from errors in syntax, grammar, punctuation,
diction, and spelling
Research Methods and Conventions
Took students through the process of writing a competent college-level research paper,
gathering sources effectively, evaluating them for relevance and reliability, using a system to
manage the research process so that it leads to a thoughtful and intelligible paper, and using MLA
conventions at an advanced level to effectively cite and incorporate sources into the finished paper
Rhetorical Knowledge
Taught students to write essays in several different genres (expository, argumentative, exploratory),
demonstrating awareness of audience and appropriate use of voice, tone, and level of formality:
Writer essays that employ the standard methods of academic discourse (effective thesis statements,
introductions, conclusions, transitions, topic sentences, and summative sentences) for guiding readers
through an analysis or argument
Awareness of the Writing Process
Demonstrated awareness of all stages of the writing process, and provide advanced critiques
of their and others鈥 work.
Student learning outcome at 98% success in multi culture, multi-generational diverse groups.

Adjunct Professor Literature, Composition, Analysis, Critical Thinking 2017-Present
Modesto Junior College | Moreno Valley, CA Online/No Cost

Worked with Guided Pathways to Progress programs as an instructor at Modesto JC. Utilized PLN,
a shared learning site for faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees to collaborate and
access a comprehensive library of professional development resources, discussion forums.

English 101 | Online No Cost/Zero Cost鈥 College Level Study of Literature, Critical Thinking, Writing No Cost/Zero Cost鈥 College Level Study of Literature, Critical Thinking, Writing

Taught students to read and think critically (e.g. distinguish supporting ideas from main ideas, distinguish
between student's own thoughts and thoughts of writer, and draw inferences and make judgments about
a writer's thoughts and attitudes). Apply a variety of rhetorical strategies in writing unified,
well-organized essays with arguable theses and persuasive support.
Write essays online that demonstrate the use of expository and argumentative or persuasive forms of writing.
Write essays online that demonstrate competent control over written language, including syntax, punctuation,
grammar, and spelling.
Write papers that show evidence of drafting, revising, and editing to reflect an academic style and tone.
Use scholarly sources in a legitimate way: summarizing and paraphrasing source material, synthesizing
multiple sources, integrating source ideas with his or her own ideas, and avoiding plagiarism by
documenting sources according to MLA conventions

English 103 | No Cost/Zero Cost鈥 College Level Advanced Study of Literature, Critical Thinking, Writing

Taught students
To demonstrate an understanding that college reading and writing involve rereading and rewriting.
reading journal, drafts, class work, and completed writing assignments will document this
To form generalizations about readings in writing and test generalizations specifically and coherently in essays
To summarize the position that an author is taking and draw accurately from a text toward the development of own position.
To craft thesis statements for assignments and topic sentences for paragraphs that indicate the direction of ideas that the essay sequentially develops.鈥
To demonstrate the appropriate use of personal experience, quotations, in-text citations, and information from published sources to develop and support analysis and argument.鈥
To develop the use of reading and writing to engage in academic inquiry.
Establish 1鈥2 course level student learning outcomes and indicate how each SLO will be assessed.
Course Level Student Learning Outcome Assessment Measure 1.
Write coherently organized analytical essays that demonstrate sound reasoning, the ability to clearly
connect evidence to claims, advanced critical thinking strategies, and an understanding of conventions of scholarly discourse.
Individual instructors will evaluate whether or not an English 103 student has met this outcome through
an assessment of a major writing assignment produced for the course, scored according to a rubric
coordinated to these Student Learning Outcomes.
Writings and/or class discussions and activities will demonstrate an understanding of Inductive and
Deductive Reasoning:
Inductive reasoning is the opposite of deductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning makes broad generalizations from specific observations. Even if all of the premises are true in a statement, inductive reasoning allows for the conclusion to be false. Here鈥檚 an example: "Harold is a grandfather. Harold is bald. Therefore, all grandfathers are bald." The conclusion does not follow logically from the statements.
Deductive reasoning is a basic form of valid reasoning. Deductive reasoning, or deduction, starts out with a general statement, or hypothesis, and examines the possibilities to reach a specific, logical conclusion. The scientific method uses deduction to test hypotheses and theories.

Assistant Adjunct Professor Research Writing Methods 13 semesters
Wayland Baptist University | Plainview, TX/Virtual Campus

English 3345鈥 Research Writing Methods
Taught online advanced writing course using Blackboard with 92% completion success.
Instructed students in varieties of research methods: Evidence, Deductive Reasoning,
Inductive Reasoning, Logic, Online Research, Interviews, Analysis of Sources, Field Research,
Taught Research Methods for Narrative writing, instructed students to research facts for
creative writing. Result was 86% of student writings qualified for publication.
Conducted and recorded weekly Collaborate Sessions using interactive media, wiki resources,
blogs, Cengage, Grammarly, SoftChalk, Atomic Learning. Semester attendance was 83%.
Participated with students in collaborate sessions, interactive discussion boards and breakout
sessions and wikis. Result was 96% student participation within the virtual classroom.
Taught students effective ways to avoid plagiarism by using a variety of research methods.
As a result, 25% of student submitted essays qualified for publication.

Assistant Adjunct Professor, Hybrid Instructor
Wayland Baptist University | Anchorage Alaska Campus Summer 2012

English 1301 Composition and Rhetoric Inter-Academic
Taught hybrid course 鈥 Elmendorf Air Force Base military. Used peers, classmates and
colleagues as a resource to receive feedback on their writing and its effect.
Taught diverse student learning styles, current theories to demonstrate knowledge of the writing
process from first draft, through editing and revision, to final draft and publication.
A hybrid course, taught students both in the classroom setting and online | Blackboard 9.1 online
Provide opportunity to explore the relationships between life and literature, and analyze various
writing styles and genres.
WBU students, and in particular, those representing the military complex of the United States,
required sensitivity to diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.
Developed curriculum to embrace these issues during the summer sessions.


Advanced computer skills
Web Design
Web Development
Wordpress 鈥 Advanced Skills
Blackboard Collaborate 鈥 Advanced Skills
Development for students of cultural diversity, under represented and nontraditional students.
Blackboard Collaborate
Cengage NOW Gradebook
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Pearson鈥檚 MyLab - Master
Respondus LockDown Browser
Original Customized Rubrics
Utilization of Campus Rubrics
Safe Assign
SoftChalk - Synchronize Copied Content
Creation of Video Tutorials with Closed Captioning
D2L 鈥 Desire to Learn

Cengage NOW Instructor Tools
Etudes Project for Distant Learning -Los Angeles Valley College
Introduction to Virtual Valley 鈥 Online Classes
A Conversation about Brain Based Learning
Cengage Learning Developmental Studies for College Success
Kaltura for Online Education
Turnitin for College Education
Brightspace for D2L
Canvas 2018
Professional Learning Network


Hall, D. D. (1993, May 1). Look Inside: A Feminist Response to Tom Jones. Retrieved from (concealed information) Oklahoma University Press, 1992
Hall, D. D. (2005, May/June). Failure Is Never A Solution, Because You Are The Difference, a Manual and Workbook for educators鈥 Professional Development.
Hall, D. D. (2013). Creative Writing Workbook. Oklahoma City, OK: Bridge2Life.
Hall, D. D. (2015, January 1). Sweet Tea & Tumbleweeds. Retrieved from (concealed information)

Turnitin - Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention (concealed information) Innovative
Alpha Tau Omega Faculty Honoree, May, 2012, May 2013, May 2014, June 2015
Apple Award Appreciation, May, 2013, May 2014, May 2015, May 2016
EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) 2011-2016 Teacher Award
Sponsor B.R.I.T.E Media Club LAVC
Oklahoma Teacher Excellence TSA, 2004-2016
Alpha Phi Fraternity Panhellenic Award for Excellence
Alpha Phi Alumni Association Leadership Team
Oklahoma University Alumni Leadership Team
Who's Who In Academia


English Placement Exam, Patrick Hunter Coordinator, Los Angeles Valley College
Directed Students in Expository Submissions, winners of Kornbluh Award 2013, LAVC
Advanced students won the prestigious Kornbluh Award for student essay, 2012.
Composition Committee, LAVC
Shared Governance, Diversity Committee, LAVC
Involvement in LAVC campus programs such as Diversity and English committees
Graduation Committee LAVC
Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)
Texas Educators of Theatre Arts Student Excellence Committee
UIL Forensic Competitions Committee, Judge, Sponsor
Junior Pan-Hellenic Oklahoma University
Professional Development 鈥揇istrict 10, Texas Breaking Ranks -scholastic and personal

American Federation of Teachers
Alpha Phi Alumni Association
The University of Oklahoma Alumni Association
National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)
Editorial Staff The Hollywood Quarterly

Primary Professional College/University References
Dr. Trish Trifolo 鈥 Virtual Campus Director WBU (concealed information) (concealed information)
Dr. Sandra Mayo 鈥 Asst Chancellor YCCD (concealed information) (concealed information)
Mr. Patrick Hunter Vice Chairman English LAVC (concealed information) (concealed information)
Dr. Cheryl Stoneham 鈥 Prof. English/ESL LAVC (concealed information) (concealed information)
Dr. Alan Velie 鈥 Professor of English OU (concealed information) (concealed information)
Also available for Professional Reference
Dr. Eva Bourgeois-Rhodes School Improvement TSA (concealed information)
Dr. Guy Sconzo, Superintendent HISD (concealed information)

Personal References
Diana Baker, Educator (concealed information)
Juli Anopol, Former Student for 2 courses LAVC) (concealed information) (concealed information)

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