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The Secrets to Basics in Math Problem-solving in High Schools and Colleges. This venture involves learning the basic fundamental techniques required to simplify math to the lowest difficulty. I will h

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I have tutored for two consecutive semesters at a community college in Boston. I have tutored about 150 to 200 students. The students were content with my teaching style and appreciated my effort in assisting them to make math solving simple. My students passed their math exams with flying colors which made me feel confident in my approach or method of teaching mathematics. These results gave me the incentive and courage to pursue a teaching career.
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I have bachelors in math and at the verge of completing my masters in Mathematics. I have been well trained to teach both ESL and Math major students. Therefore, I know exactly what math students need to overcome their shortcomings and fear in math . Mathematics teaching and learning involves patient and dedication. Moreover, it is the student who must be ready to learn. I will try my best to mentor and motivate them to engender their interest in the learning of mathematics. During my teaching practice, I have garnered tremendous teaching skills from well trained and qualified field practitioners which I will bring into my classrooms to enhance the teaching and learning process of mathematics. Therefore, I am anxious and prepared to pass on these teaching strategies to my students to assist to make their learning journey successful.

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