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The sun is to the moon, as is the life in our education. The brightest star catches your eye, isnt it your turn to fly?

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I like to put myself in the students place, look at me from their point of view, and make learning fun and engaging. What would they like to know? Not just filling out questions and answers on prewritten copies, let them tell me how they see the work,what it entails and how to approach it.


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About Andrea

I am a 48 year old contractor and engineer of ideas. I have traveled extensively over the United States and Mexico. I have worked in every climate imaginable, lived on horseback in the Sierra Gorda mountain range ,working cattle. I have survived 4 hurricanes and 8 floods, swam out of Hurricane Harvey, skied down Mount Bachelor,Heavenly, and the Continental Divide. I am a self employed maverick, always taking the route less traveled, only to find the answers on my own. My father was an instructor at a community college when I was a child, and he took me with him to teach night classes so I could pass out tests and collect papers since he was tired from working double shifts at the airport. He taught upholstery ,air conditioning and refrigeration, and carburetor rebuilding,just to name a few. He taught me almost everything he knew. He also taught me to do everything on my own,that I could, no matter how difficult. So I learned auto mechanics, blue print reading, schematic applications, hydraulics, woodworking, carpentry, welding, puzzle solving, major math, how to use every reference manual I could find, investigations, leather smithing, I could go and on! Basically I will learn and try as much as I possibly can, and reading books from front to back in one day is normal and necessary to occupy my already revolving mind. I love teaching children and young adults about the world, the way it works, and rational thought processes to apply to every day learning. To boost their potential as a young adult, prospering member of society, and future parent or guardian. I have been told by many,that I have a way with children and animals. I have held seminars in mexico, to help the elders in the village understand the filing for grants programs, set up fencing,perameters, and logged property as to section off real estate property on a mountain to make a preserve for endangered species there. I have taught many children english,and math in english, helped them understand the meaning of words and sentences, not just making sounds to mimic me. I have trained and bred horses for 14 years, and that takes patience! I am also a parent to 4 beautiful ,smart young adults that I am very proud of. If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask! Thank you for reading, Andrea Moak



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